NEW Tanita Tikaram 'Sentimental' April 2005

My favourite Inspirational Artist TANITA TIKARAM has a new album to be released in April 2005 ! Tanita, German-born, of Indian/Fijian/Mayaysian parentage, and adding an English background has been in seclusion since 1991's 'Lovers In The City' LP. Truly a star in Norway. A writer and singer of some of the best songs I listen to regularly, she is inspirational, introspective, and emotive. Jennifer Warnes sings a hauntingly clear chant on the song 'I Might Be Crying' from LITC. Helen O'Hara plays on many tracks. Her other albums include Ancient Heart, Eleven Kinds of Loneliness, Sweet Keeper, Everybody's Angel, Cappuccino Songs, and a Greatest Hits. After 'Lovers' she became disenchanted with the music 'Industry' and was apparently embroiled in some kind of contractual dispute. Disappeared in Italy, I heard. The album is called 'SENTIMENTAL' and is scheduled to be available 10 April coming. After over 10 years, Yippee !
I have listened to Ancient Heart over and over again. Great album for sure. I'm not sure why I never followd her up on subsequent albums. I guess it's time to go shopping.

Ditto on "Ancient Heart". I'm also thinking about following up on her subsequent work.