New TacT speaker system

Has anyone had the chance to listen to these or read a review on them? The description on the TacT web site makes these speakers sound very promising and possibly a new wave in speaker design.
I haven't seen any reviews anywhere - are they even available yet or just announced? I know Tact sells their RCS direct - I wonder if they'll do the same for the speakers and amps. I would assume they will. I hope somebody does a review of full Tact system and compare it to Meridian's. -Kirk
I just found out that the amps needed to drive these speakers aren't ready yet. Each driver has a correction system ? "built in"
I am hoping to hear them soon. I would really like to hear the Tact electronics with the German Physics speakers set up in the manner that Allen Perkins recommends ( listener midway and against the long wall with speakers 50% out from the long wall and 25% out from the short wall) on the Audio Physics web sight. An all digital system with upsampling, room correction and omni-directional speakers with independently powered drivers not compromised by different radiation patterns due to different wall reflections. Better yet, how about a 4 channel surround sound system with all of the above equipment but with all 4 speakers 25% from side and rear walls and the listener in the center of the room.
The only mention of the TacT speakers so far is in the new Stereophile. It's part of the CES Review. It's a small blip but it's the first mention. The speakers aren't available yet. They should be released soon. Probably a month or so after the release of the S&M2150 amplifiers.