NEW TacT Audio Users Group at Yahoo Groups

Hi everyone!

There is a new discussion forum for TacT Audio users at:

Anyone interested in room correction and/or digital amps is welcome to join. Among the more than 50 members (already!) we are please to count TacT Audio people such as Karsten Petersen and some very knowledgeable users as well.

You can easily share target curves in our Files section, post photos of your room, etc.

It's easy (and painless) to become a member and it's FREE :-) Please respond to our latest poll (it takes 30 seconds).

Best regards,
your moderate moderator and fellow RCS 2.0 user.
so are you planning any campouts, where folks can sit around the fire on itchy old logs, tellin' the latest target curve jokes and singin' "home on the audible range"? just kiddin', of course. best of luck with your new users group. -cfb
Hello everyone!

This is Nemo, the moderator of the TacT Audio Users Group at Yahoo!Groups (

To all our new members: welcome!

Created just 3 weeks ago, our group is already 75 members strong and
almost 100 messages have been posted so far. Considering the ongoing
world events I think that this is not bad at all.

Many interesting exchanges and discussions have taken place and I
would like to encourage EVERYONE (especially the new members) to
participate. Ask questions, post opinions, review products, report
bugs and problems, share files and links, etc. This is YOUR forum.

This is one of the best places on the Net to discuss topics at the
very core of the future of audio: room/loudspeaker correction and
digital amps/crossovers. By adopting and discussing TacT Audio
products we are, in a modest way, pioneering the first real digital
era of audio.

I would like to thank again Karsten Petersen of TacT Audio for his
support of the group. We should even see a link to this group on
TacT Audio's web site in the near future.

May I finally ask new (and not so new) members to take 30 seconds to
repond to the 1-question poll (a few clicks) in the "Polls" section:

Thanks again to the 40+ members who already did.

Enjoy YOUR forum!

Nemo, your moderate moderator.