new table/cart reccomendation

After 10 or so years of high end audio, I finally decided to try out an analog system. I bought a new Whest phono stage and picked up a used Nottingham Horizon with a Dynavector 10x5 cart. I am literally blown away by how good this sounds and really only look forward to my vinyl listening sessions now. I've learned how to clean and care for the vinyl and have amassed a decent collection already to go with the few hundred records I had kept from years ago. Now when I listen to CDs I just make sure that I do it before the vinyl.
I'm thinking of upgrading my table and cartridge and am looking for reccomendations. I like the simplicity of the Nottingham table and was personally thinking that a Nottingham Spacedeck with Ace Space arm and Shelter 90X might be an excellent choice. I really like the relaxed sound of what I have now and am not really looking for anything that borders on the lean or bright side of things, or anything that is overly complicated to set up and operate.

The rest of my system is Ayre K1x pre, Parasound JC 1 amps and Von Schweikert VR4jrs. Incidentally the CD player my used Nottingham Horizon knocks the socks off is the Ayre D1xe.

Thanks, -Ryan
You should do a search, there's probably enough reading to keep you busy through the end of the year. Sounds like fun by the way, good luck!