new system theory need help.

My Current Systems consists for the following:

Krell KAV-250cd/2
Krell KAV-500i intregrated Amp
Dynaudio 1.8 contour mk11 ( real wood cabinets)

I am looking at building a bedroom system. Goals for this system are as follows:

1.) would like to run monitor speaker like dyn's totems, b&w, etc. So I can swap them out with the contours. (nothing beats a bookshelf speaker with 6.5/7" driver that you can power the "blank" out of-- super fun!!!!

2.) have balanced connects so that I can migratee the KAV-250cd/2 to the bedroom and upgrade the source in the main room - when the time comes.

3.) would like to have a remote control for the bedroom, but willing to live without If i can bottom feed on pre-amps.

I noticed that some first generation krell systems are going for less than a thousand a component (amp/pre-amp)

How would the first generation large amps/pre-amps sound compared to my kav-500I - would it have as much drive, soundstage would be thinner?

How does the krell intregrated amps stack up against the market

in example, a Bryston amp/pre-amp combination (balanced out) might run as little as $2000 how would that sound compared to a Classe intregrated or Krell intregrated amp.

Is buying 5 year old intergrated amps sonically superior than picking up 10 year old seperates?

In ten -fifteen years I might bottom feed on some cast connected fbp Krell systems. for right now I am looking at setting up a second system worthy of powering decent speaker with a good source, but it needs to be cheap and not compete with the current system.

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go listen to your bose acoustimass Bob
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