new system theory need help.

My Current Systems consists for the following:

Krell KAV-250cd/2
Krell KAV-500i intregrated Amp
Dynaudio 1.8 contour mk11 ( real wood cabinets)

I am looking at building a bedroom system. Goals for this system are as follows:

1.) would like to run monitor speaker like dyn's totems, b&w, etc. So I can swap them out with the contours. (nothing beats a bookshelf speaker with 6.5/7" driver that you can power the "blank" out of-- super fun!!!!

2.) have balanced connects so that I can migratee the KAV-250cd/2 to the bedroom and upgrade the source in the main room - when the time comes.

3.) would like to have a remote control for the bedroom, but willing to live without If i can bottom feed on pre-amps.

I noticed that some first generation krell systems are going for less than a thousand a component (amp/pre-amp)

How would the first generation large amps/pre-amps sound compared to my kav-500I - would it have as much drive, soundstage would be thinner?

How does the krell intregrated amps stack up against the market

in example, a Bryston amp/pre-amp combination (balanced out) might run as little as $2000 how would that sound compared to a Classe intregrated or Krell intregrated amp.

Is buying 5 year old intergrated amps sonically superior than picking up 10 year old seperates?

In ten -fifteen years I might bottom feed on some cast connected fbp Krell systems. for right now I am looking at setting up a second system worthy of powering decent speaker with a good source, but it needs to be cheap and not compete with the current system.

Please comment
These handle 1), 2) and 3). JBL LSR4326

Connect the balanced outs from your Krell CD player directly to the speakers. The speakers have remote volume control. As well as automatic level matching, delays and room correction.
go listen to your bose acoustimass Bob
I've never owned Bose. Sorry if I've offended you.

I have owned a Krell KAV300i driving Meadowlark Kestrel HotRod speakers for a couple of years. To me it was the least enjoyable amp I've owned. A pair of Bryston 7B SST monoblocks restored the music. As far as I can tell, I've given up nothing sonically going to the JBL DSP active monitors (LSR4328).

Good luck with your bedroom system.