New system, need help on CD Player.

I have just acquired a Bel Canto Evo2i GenII and would like to upgrade my current CD Player (Primare D20). From much research on my part, I have narrowed it down to the Unison Unico CD or Audio Aero Prima 24/192.

I am looking to upgrade my current Vienna Acoustic Bachs to Sonus Faber Grand Piano (not Domus). Just so you know what the rest of my system is.

What cd player would blend well into this system and offer me the best value? I will not be able to audition this player.

I would love to hear comments from people who have compared or owned any of these players.

I should mention that the Audio Aero Prima is the MKII version, not the newest one.
I owned the eVo2i for a couple of years, great integrated amp. Probably used five or six different cdps with it and three or four dacs. Nothing beat the Resolution Audio cdp that I started with. I haven't heard your choices and am not familiar with them so my one recommendation is to find one that let's you take advantage of the eVo's balanced inputs.
Timrhu, so you got rid of the evo and the resolution audio cdp? I am curious to know what you replaced both with.
I replaced the eVo2i with Bel Canto's Pre3 and the intention of getting a pair of BC Ref 1000s. As an interim to the Ref 1000s I am using a pair of Linn 5105s in a bi-amp configuration. My first attempt at true Bi-amping and I am surprised at how good it sounds. Now I'm debating whether to stick with my original plan or upgrade to better Linn amps. My experience with Linn products has always been positive.
The Resolution Audio cdp is still here. It isn't going anywhere although at this moment I am listening to a Jolida JD-100 with a tube output section. Nice player but not quite up to the RA's abilities, IMO. I believe the RA has a smoother, less digital sound than the tubed Jolida. Good luck with your search.