New System for a greenhorn audiophile


I'm looking for some recommendations for a audio/home theater system.  Something simple, for good audio and home

2 speakers, a midrange and sub should suffice
and I know that this may sound impossible but it can't top $2000.00

I would try to source used equipment in order to get the best bang for the buck.
Though it will probably exceed $2K, I would suggest a pair of Vandy VLR's and a Belles Aria Integrated.
It would give you a good foundation, as well as path to future upgrades.
Don't let the small size of the speakers fool you, they can rock.
Nice!  thanks for breaking it down Miller!  Bob I will certainly check out those speakers!  

More suggestions are welcome.  I trying to get this learning curve up.

Having built a very similar system for my brother, I can tell you this system will sound very good for both music and movies.

- Aperion Audio 5B monitors and 5C center speaker - under $500
- SVS SB2000 Pro - $800
- Yamaha RXA1080 A/V Receiver - $689 at

i have a $30k 2-channel system, and I can tell you this combo sounds surprisingly good in stereo and excellent for movies. I think you’ll be pretty thrilled with what you hear. I’d recommend adding some rear speakers at some point as they take the movie involvement and enjoyment factor up significantly. I wouldn’t break the bank with wires, and Audio Envy or Cullen Cable make very good speaker cables, interconnects, power cords for not much $. Hope this helps, and best of luck.
Thanks soix it does help.  Before long I might know I’m doing with All this good suggestions.

keep e’m coming friends I’m learning a lot.

I checked out millercarbon's link to his setup.  If he got all that stuff for $2K he's a very shrewd buyer!  Seriously,  I wouldn't squander $500 for wires for a $2K budget.  14 gauge zip cord works surprisingly well for speaker leads, and you can always replace it as funds become available.  Or try Blue Jeans online.