New System for a greenhorn audiophile


I'm looking for some recommendations for a audio/home theater system.  Something simple, for good audio and home

2 speakers, a midrange and sub should suffice
and I know that this may sound impossible but it can't top $2000.00

Totally doable, and with surprisingly good results if done right. Doing it right within that budget calls for being careful to budget for everything, and not cut corners. In other words you don't get to keep the freebie rubber power cord and plastic patch cords, you buy good ones. Just ones that are good within your budget.

Also you can't afford crap like receivers. What you want is an integrated amp. You haven't mentioned sources. But you want to watch movies. The best/cheapest source for movies is download onto your laptop and connect video/audio to your RCA with adaptors.

That's what I do. Look at my system. If its good enough for me, its plenty good.

Look real close and notice the same IC is used for CD and the laptop. This is big money savings when you are on a budget. 

So now you take your $2k and budget it out for everything you need. 
Speakers, integrated amp, source, speaker cables/power cord/IC.

That's it. Four items, $2k, that's $500 each.

The $500 for wire divides into the 3 wires you need.

The source, congratulations if its a turntable, just don't forget the phono stage. At this price level can be in the table or in the integrated. Your call.

If the source is CD or streaming then okay all you need is a line stage integrated. ie not one with a phono stage.

That's it.

Everyone else will tell you which ones to buy. Then if you listen you will either spend way more than budget or wind up with really good speakers and amp connected with crap wire. Either way it won't sound nearly as good as doing it this way.

My way gives you credit for being able to figure out what will be best for you. All you need is a little guidance on how to whittle down a million options into something manageable. This is why having a budget like this is so important. Its the most important thing there is... next to going out and actually listening to the stuff!
I would try to source used equipment in order to get the best bang for the buck.
Though it will probably exceed $2K, I would suggest a pair of Vandy VLR's and a Belles Aria Integrated.
It would give you a good foundation, as well as path to future upgrades.
Don't let the small size of the speakers fool you, they can rock.
Nice!  thanks for breaking it down Miller!  Bob I will certainly check out those speakers!  

More suggestions are welcome.  I trying to get this learning curve up.

Having built a very similar system for my brother, I can tell you this system will sound very good for both music and movies.

- Aperion Audio 5B monitors and 5C center speaker - under $500
- SVS SB2000 Pro - $800
- Yamaha RXA1080 A/V Receiver - $689 at

i have a $30k 2-channel system, and I can tell you this combo sounds surprisingly good in stereo and excellent for movies. I think you’ll be pretty thrilled with what you hear. I’d recommend adding some rear speakers at some point as they take the movie involvement and enjoyment factor up significantly. I wouldn’t break the bank with wires, and Audio Envy or Cullen Cable make very good speaker cables, interconnects, power cords for not much $. Hope this helps, and best of luck.
Thanks soix it does help.  Before long I might know I’m doing with All this good suggestions.

keep e’m coming friends I’m learning a lot.