New system coming together Stands/Sub for 805s?

Hi All ... taking the plunge and putting together an audio (70%)& HT (30%) setup.

After much auditioning (6 months) and reading and thinking, I've decided on the following:

Speakers: ($3,400)
* B&W 805s front
* B&W HTM2 center
* B&W VM1s rear (may seem odd/unmatched, but don't really think that surrounds matter much and I'm not into multi-channel audio and need something good but tiny and that integrates into the room well)

Electronics: ($3,400)
* Rotel 1060 CD/DVD
* Rotel 1066 Pre/Pro
* Rotel 1075 Power Amp

Considerations: ($???)
* Sub - just spend $500 and get a B&W ASW600 sub for good performance or need to spend $1200-2200 for an AWS800 or REL sub to exploit much more noticeable performance??
* 805 stands - B&W's are expensive and don't look spectacular, how much needs to be spent and what will work well on wooden floors of my room?

What do you think of the decisions and what advice do you have on the sub, stands, etc.? Thanks in advance for all of the great insight, as always!

Shawn :)
Although I don't have much experence with others, I'm very happy with Paradigm Servo-15 sub with my N805 right now. It all depends on how much you love to have low freq. in your system. Being "not so much bass for me" person as I am, Servo-15 does more than enough.
For the stand, I always wonder when people said they don't like its look. I happen to like it a lot. So, I can't help you on this, :).
What every you do, just have fun,
Shawn, stands are a significant extension of your speaker. You want to couple your speakers to those wood floors- Mother Earth. I use (and love) the Sistrum Mini Monitor platform system, and the Sistrum subwoofer stand. Their website is Robert be da man over there. He's patient, honest, audio savvy, and will set you free. The stands will bring out the best in your system and also look great. Like nothing you've ever seen, in the way of speaker stands. Check it out. You can also read my review. peace, warren
Not sure if I understand the question on the 805 stands.
I have the 805 Signatures and just got my stands last week and I can only tell you that it makes a major difference in the quality of sound. The stands added more natural bass and even my dealer was impressed. There is a difference in bass from the Natalus to the Signature. I my self would not spend more my on a Sub until I heard the 805's on stands in my home. I would go with the 805 stands not a subsitute.
I am on carpet so I really cannot comment on the hardwood floor issue.
Go to and checkout their subs.You have nothing to lose but shipping cost.They give you 45 days to return the sub if you don't like it.But I can tell you that's not likely to happen.I have personally never heard a sub that was as fast and clean anywhere near their price.These subs wipe the floor with alot of the big name products.The drivers in these subs cost as much as $500.00 a piece. And because it's factory direct ,the savings are passed on to the consumer.Good luck!
Thanks for the replies above. I'm also not a "bass" person that wants to sit there and hear thumping. I have heard REL systems that blew me away in how they disappeared and fooled me that the bass was not coming from the mains ... I even put my hand on the cabinet because I didn't believe the sub was on/working. Amazing. So, just trying to see how I can get that level of performance ... where does it lie - at what price point? I guess I'll have to do some more A/B auditioning to find my sweet spot.

On that note, I can appreciate the 805sig recommendation --- it's a sweet sounding speaker. At the same time, I listend to sig and non-sig and the additional cost wasn't justified for ME. I know all the things that make it better, but as you'll notice from my picks above, this system is to be one of those "sweet spot" packages, where you can definitely make it better, but for the money spent I believe it is going to be very effective. Since I took the seperates route, once I have the desire to upgrade to better components (ML amp?), I'll do that to get more out of the system, but I think for now this should serve my needs and be relatively a non-compromising system.

My question regarding stands was about the need to spend a third to half the cost of the speakers for them or can I buy a lower priced quality set from a reputable non-totally-high-end brand? I don't know if Sanus is a good example of that ... again, keep in mind I'm not trying to max everything out, I'm going for the sweet spot. Spending $600 for stands on a $2000 pair of speakers seems too much, but I'm open to being shown that I'm wrong.

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it - keep it coming! :)


If you look at my system, it is VERY similar to the one you are assembling. I understand your desire to maintain a high return for your dollar. Here are my thoughts...

A REL Strata III is an amazing piece of hardware. Many will tell you to go for a bigger sub - even the larger RELs. I say that if a single Strata III doesn't give you the bass that you're after, buy two of them. The REL Strata III and the B&W Nautilus 805 sound as if one seamless unit. Actually, it's better because it's very difficult to get good imaging and good bass response from the same physical location. Plus, the light cherry finish of the REL matches the light cherry finish of the N805s almost perfectly. If you lived in the DFW area, I'd invite you over for a listen. Run the N805s as "large" speakers and cross over the REL at 42Hz (run the sub at speaker level) and you'll be amazed.

As for speaker stands, I use Sanus Ultimate Foundations 30" Speaker Stands purchased from Audio Advisor. These are heavy stands on their own, but once you mass load them with sand they are in a whole 'nother league. There are definately better stands out there for the N805s, but I believe that these are what you are looking for. Use the spikes with the stands and use some metal "coasters" to protect your floor.
I just bought the 805 stands from a local dealer and paid 460.00 (600.00 list) and some change. I have not filled with lead or sand as yet but I agree with Nrenter on that and the spikes.
Great comments Nrenter/Valleyplastic ... a) I think I'll go for a Strata III, especially if I can find one for less than retail here or elsewhere. Also, how typical is it to get gear for less than retail price?

All the local stores I've visited gave the presumption that you would pay full retail price, no questions asked. Is this the case or is it negotiable to a certain percent (10%, 20%, etc.)? If I can get the 805 stands for $460, I may as well do that and be done with it.

In general, if I'm spend $7-10K on a system, what is reasonable to ask in terms of a discount/break?

A normal discount in this area runs about 10%. You can do better than that on demos or last year's models. Don't beat the dealer unmercifully, ask respectfully.

Particuarly since you are buying a complete system, this is quite reasonable. Once they give you the discount, a dealer will usually continue to give it to you for any additional pieces you buy.
A 10% discount is pretty common (as long as you a pleasant to deal with). Personally, as long as I can get a discount to cover the sales tax, I claim victory. If you are willing to pay cash, you may do even better. Remember, salesmen have to make a living, too.

I paid $270 (I believe) for my Sanus stands, then another $6 for the sand I filled them with.