New system build

Am I on the right track?

Cary SLI80
Cary PH302
ClearAudio Performance TT
Spendor A6
Small REL sub if warranted
Cabling will come and go

Listening room is 13'w, 8'h, and 23'l and highly treated.

I'll be looking for this gear used, but it's still an investment for me. Just want to make sure I'm headed the right direction.

Thanks for your advice.

Fwiw, I had a decent little system a few years ago, so I'm not completely green. But sold it all to my current dismay. However, that was all solid state MF gear with MA speakers. This is a new direction for me hence the above Q.

Thanks again
It sounds like a lovely and well thought out system. Cary and Spendor work very well together and should give you a nice organic, warm, transparent sound. I don't think you need a sub but that's a question of taste obviously. Have fun putting it together and let us know how it goes.
It sounds like a good direction, especially using Cary products at critical junctures. Most of the time many manufacturers voice their equipment using their own gear. I hope you are looking for a highly imaged 3D sound stage, and the transparency Jond mentioned. You may well desire more Bass presence and hook up your subwoofer. I don't use one but have considered it from time to time. Best Wishes
Scratch the build list above. I didn't read enough and jumped too quickly. After many days and 6-8 hours each and everyday reading/researching, I've had a change of mind. System will now consist of the components listed below. I also feel much more confident in this set up.

Decware Tori Mk4 int. amp
Decware ZP3 phono stage
Clearaudio Ovation TT
Zu Audio Omen Def MkII speakers
PS Audio P3 or P5 ac filter/regenerator

Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional RCM to keep the vinyl clean. Again, cabling will come and go till I find my flavour.

If I'm careful, I should be able to build this close the the 25k mark and should sound glorious. It may take a while, but I'll chime in and let you know how it sounds when complete.

Happy Listening