New Swan Diva 6.2's

Does anyone have any listening experience with the new Swan Diva's? They removed the biwiring capability, and the reviews out there are limited.
the whole bi wire explosion is fading a bit. even speaker companies that still do it, don't even have their hearts in it.
I've heard them a couple times at a shop in Pasadena. They sound very good given the room they're in. The one thing I really dislike is the wiring setup - underneath the speakers.
I had a pair for awhile, and they were "almost" very
nice. By that I mean, they had great bass, and a
great midrange, but the tweeter alway's seemed a little
to dark and/or rolled off.
Also do not mind single wire hookup, but under the speakers
is a pain in the butt! Forget trying different cables
on these.
And the finish, while decent, reminds me of an old
wood sided station wagon.

Not a bad speaker overall for the price.