Are there any owners of the newest PB12 plus version out there? What are your thoughts? I don't have that large of a room, 12x20x8ceiling so I wasn't planning on getting the PB 13 Ultra. Would like to save the $460 if I could..
Ive heard the PB-13 and its AWESOME.
I would say go for the PB-13!
I have the PB-13Ultra in piano gloss black with a HIFI Pyon subwoofer stand underneath it and all I can say is
"HOLY @&%!". I have never, ever, ever heard better bass from a subwoofer in a home. Only bass that beats it is a local bar that had four 36" sub cabinets in each corner of a dance floor. The dance floor was about 40X40 with 20FT ceilings.

Below is a link to a subwoofer "shoot out". It's an interesting read. I tried several of the top listed subs and ended up buying the AV123 MFW15 sub. It's KILLER!!!
I have a PB 12 Plus 2 - older version and it is also awesome. Great people and products and to me this is a no brainer!
Email Ed Mullen at SVS. He'll give you an honest take on the new PB12 and compare it with the new Ultra. He won't try and sell you on the Ultra if he doesn't believe it's right for your applications...he's HONEST!

While I haven't heard the new PB12, I've owned the PB13-U in piano black since December '08. My room is 13x26x8.....simply INCREDIBLE sound!!!
If you go to the forums page on and, you'll see a link for subwoofer tests. There, you'll find threads with results for many different SVS models, as well as their competition. Based on these results, the SVS PB series clearly represent great performance for the $, while the Ultra series could claim performance as good as anything at any price (arguably better than anything at any price, depending on your priorities).

For HT use, either of the SVS lines are probably unbeatable at their price point. (In your sized room, the PB should be wonderful, the Ultra even better - "tighter, louder and cleaner" if you can tolerate the SPLs needed to experience that!) For music only use, you can make a case for the Rythmik subs (which I chose), but that's a matter of trade-offs. Either way, you might want to look at the test results in order to make a more informed choice.

God Luck