New Surrounds On Wall

I have some new surrounds coming and was wondering which wall would be best to hang them on, the rear or the side? The surrounds are Klipsch RP 250S they have dual 5.25" woofers and dual 1" tweeters and they will have to be in the corner where the two walls meet...
Try all positions. Audio Kama Sutra. This order worked for me. Front L and R, then L R and Center, then add side surrounds, then add front L and R height speakers and finally rear surrounds. Go to the Dolby or DTS or Atmos websites for more info. Good luck. 

If you do not yet have surround speakers in your system, I would recommend mounting them on the side walls as close to your listening position as possible.  Most movies have the left/right side surround channels mixed in.  It is intended for sounds directly to the left or right of your listening position.

There are some movies with an encoded 7.1 channel mix included.  These will add the back wall surrounds.  They are more for ambient sounds.  However, the left/right side surround channels are more important.

+1 Auxinput is right.

The original surround speakers were on the sides. Only later on was a rear surround introduced.

Of course, what matters is your own enjoyment, so I find myself putting them to the sides, but maybe 1-2' behind my listening position for the most immersive experience, with monopoles pointing straight at me. :)


Ok guys thanks for the replys, I am not real big on the in's and out's of home theater I am a 2 channel guy. My wife wants this she loves movies, so these surrounds have dual woofers and tweeters facing away from each other. I have decided to put them on shelves in the corner about 3 feet above my head height, any issues with that?

Agreed we are limited by this room but, I just paid this sucker off so I am staying put!!! I will just make it as best as I can for her, problem is she knows how much I have in my 2 channel setup!!! LOL!!!