New super plater for VPI Aries.

Has anybody had any experience with the new super plater offered for VPI Aries TT for 1200$ as an upgrade?
I heard that it could restore the sound quality of the aries 2,3 TT`s with the light frosted acrylic plater,
to the one from the early aries 1, which had heavy duty 20 lbs aluminium plater.
I would be very gratefull for any opinions?
I have an Aries 1, and this platter is much better then any of the frosted acrylic ones, according to many hi end reviews. I've considered the new super platter for only one reason: ability to use the ring. The new supper platter is 12 inches as the original Aries 1, only 11.5 and you can't put the ring on that platter. For now I will wait till a super platter comes into the used market.