New Sunfire Theater Grand install help needed

I just purchased a Sunfire Theater Grand (200 x 5) amp, used here on Audiogon. I am currently using my HK DPR-2005 receiver as a pre-pro. Last night, I hooked up the amp to the receiver using interconnects from the preout of the HK to the Sunfire. I hooked up all of the speakers, and pulled out the Avia setup disc to calibrate. Left, center and right all worked fine, but neither of the surrounds put out any sounds. I checked my connections, and I set them up the same way I did my fronts.

I then disconnected just the surrounds, and hooked them back up to the receiver. Once again they worked fine. Since, I wanted to listen how the amp sounds, I figured I would temporarily use the amp for the L/C/R and keep the surrounds hooked up to the receiver. I went to use Avia to calibrate the subwoofer, and the left front was now not working, while the center and right were fine. I powered everything down, and turned it back on, and now all three fronts speakers played fine through the Avia setup disc.

I played some music and movie scenes, and everything sounded great.

Any thought on my problems? What paths should I go down to troubleshoot?

Think simple first.... Use the built in tones on the receiver to make sure all channels are playing. If they are then go to the Avia Disk, you might have to check how the sound is setup out of your DVD (some let you setup which speakers should be outputed)

Switch all channels with the fronts to verify that all channels in the amp work. will be a better help on this... I hate software gremlins..
Thanks for the help. I started over, and got it working tonight. To be honest, I am not sure what I did differently, but at least it is up and running. What a huge improvement over the my receiver's amps.
Just like computers.. reboot and suddenly it's magic!