New summer home thinking about the following.

So we purchased a summer home up in Deadwood SD. I have a pair of Magico A1 I am not using and am looking at the following for our summer home.
Luxman L550Moon 240iPathos Classic One MK3 LFD NCSE Mk. III
Thoughts.... Thinking Hybrid with the Pathos

What DAC are you using and any other sources?  I just had a customer go through this with a pair of A3s in roughly the same price range.  The A series from Magico is not that forward.  If you have a warm source, you could end up too warm and the system could drift dark with some of the amp choices above.

With a more forward DAC, take a look at AVM.  The A5.3 is a lovely integrated amp for the money and has plenty of power to drive the A1s.  AVM and Magico were paired together at the NY Audio Show in 2018 and got tremendous feedback.  I have a demo of this amp at the moment and listen to it virtually every day driving Vivids with a Chord DAC and it is really musical.  Alternatively, the same combo with an Aqua DAC or a Rockna Wavelight would border on dark.  
I would be cautious in terms of going too warm in terms of amplification with that Border Patrol DAC. If you like a warmer sound, then this is a wonderful list and the A5.2 would be brilliant. Check out the review in Gary Beard’s review in Positive Feedback. The A6.2 ME is a little less warm (all SS) not tube stage.  See Herb Reicherts's review that just broke on Stereophile.  

If you don’t like a warmer sound, I would look at the Moon which I think is a bit more neutral and a few others (Chord, Krell, Musical Fidelity) or you may find yourself wanting to swap in a different DAC.
I use a Classic One Mk3 to drive a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto and I really like the sound. But, the Concerto is a pretty easy bookshelf to drive. I tried it with my Sonus Faber Cremona and it just did not have enough current to drive them. The A1 are relatively inefficient 4 ohm speakers. Based on my experience, I would be be concerned that the Classic One just does not have the power to drive the A1.  I have no experience with the A1, so am going solely on specs. But, look into whether the Pathos has the power you need for those speakers.