New Stuff

For a change,

Getting ready to upgrade some of my AV equipment and thought I would start with speakers and work from there.
My current SF GP's Home system was bought new and I think the excitement or perhaps musically they no longer draw me in, time for change.
As we all know options abound and I would like opinions of a good starting point as to speakers that might rekindle that old thrill.
Main gear is Mac MX135 and Mac Amp as well as a Oppo BH93,
Sunfire Sig Sub as well various tis bits.
Another upgrade option is a MX150 but not sure, 10K and the loss on my 135 makes that one tough to swallow.

I moved from SF GP Homes to original Cremona, ML 432 amp and Cary SLP-05 pre. The Cremona continue the GP like sound, put up about 5 levels. The tube pre really helped. Obviously, it depends on type of music, room, etc. but if you like SF originally it might be reasonable to just move up the line. The difference between GP and Cremona is very significant. I am less happy with many of the new versions of SF , but love the old Cremona. Of course, the Strads would also be a nice addition :) Enjoy this trip. Upgrading is work but also a lot of fun.
Trackeer, what are your musical preferences? What is your room like? How much can you spend? Would you consider a used speaker?
Well, I have to give you kudos building a new system around speakers first,alot of boneheads do it ass backwards.IMO I suggest looking at other makers of speakers that way you can get a sense of what is really out there as opposed to getting a familiar house sound.