New streamer, new to streaming

Hey folks,

This is my first venture into the realm of streaming and am seeking advice getting started.

I got a Hegel H190 a few years ago and just now decided to use the built-in streamer.

I have been streaming to it from my laptop via USB and appreciate the absolute convenience, education, and exposure to unlimited sources of music in so many genres.

Now, in a different listening room, my H190 is very close to the router. I connected an ethernet cable, did the firmware upgrade, and am ready to try the internal streamer.

Before getting into Roon, Tidal, etc., is there a simple app or online station I can try first? Something I can open up in a browser and have it stream to the H190 from the network?

Hope I am phrasing my questions properly! I know nothing about streaming.



Does this mean I need to subscribe to Roon or Tidal, etc. to stream RadioParadise?

No, not using Roon or anything just yet. Wanted to try streaming RadioParadise over the network instead of USB from my laptop.
See how it goes then maybe do Roon or Tidal.


I assuming you know that Roon and Tidal are different. But just in case...

Roon is a management system/music organiser. Uses what music files you have, and whatever streaming service you subscribe to.

Tidal/Qobuz is a streaming service, offering you their music files.


Just want to be sure I understand the capabilities of the Hegel integrated amps. I have the H590 and use my Bryston BDP to manage streaming files from my internal sources via my internal network, or external sources via the internet connection to the H590, via ethernet cable or WIFI.

I understand that you must still have an external streamer / player (such as the Bryston BDP) to stream music files to your Hegel amp... or... if streaming only from the internet, a PC, tablet, or smartphone with an app that can manage the files streaming from various internet sources.

But, that the Hegel has no internal capability to "manage" the files without the use of a separate external device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

In other words, the Hegel amps do not have the capability to hold the streamer software on the amp, and allow you to control that software via your PC, tablet or smartphone - but - require that streamer software to reside on an external device.

Is that correct?