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Think of replacing my Bluesound Vault 2i with an Aurender N10 or an Aurender with built in DAC any thought or experience with them

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Nope. They pretty much invented the space but you can get equal SQ for less $$beand better for more $$.
According to most reviews.
I’m not familiar with either one. Teac appears to have discontinued the NT - 505 and they have been blowing them out on Walmart for 1200 bucks. Huge step up from the blue bluesound.

It's a streamer / DAC though, not a storage device like the vault.
Had a Aurender A10. Very nice sound but maybe a little polite. If your system is a little dull a Lumin T2 Dac/streamer may be for you. There are so many for sale you should be able to get a good deal on one. 
I had an Aurender N100H. It was a nuisance and I dumped it after less than a year. Frequent software updates often failed. Tech support sometimes suggested "solutions" that I’d previously explained I’d already tried, and they’d blame issues on things like "missing files" that weren’t missing. I grew weary of the nonsense and bought a Bryston BDP-3. I’ve been happy ever since. The Bryston is rock-stable and easy to setup and use - I haven't needed tech support even once.

Many people praise Aurender’s customer support, but I’m not one of them.
I've had my Aurender N100H for two years without any issues except for the artwork issue when loading tracks from iTunes. Other than that it has been extremely reliable for me. I still think the Bluesound app is better than Conductor and I will be upgrading to the ACS100 so I can dump iTunes altogether. Innous is finally coming out with their own app and might be an option going forward. But again, my Aurender has been stable and sounds better than the Bluesound using my DAC.