New Stones album on vinyl

I ordered and received the new Rolling Stones double album, A Bigger Bang on vinyl. It was pressed in Holland and has a real good sound to it. Very crisp with a great mix. Only 15 bucks. Check it out if you like the record, you won't be disappointed.
You bought it from...? Thanks.
I bought it from the Rolling Stones Store. Rolling merchandise
I like this LP more and more as I listen to it. The best tracks are the ones which feature only Jagger, Richards and Watts. My highlights so far have been 'Back of My Hand' a very bluesy song featuring both Jagger and Richards on guitar and 'This Place is Empty' - great Keith song with Jagger singing backup vocals.
Does it come with a free sample of Metamucil?
What does age have to do with good music? This album blows away any of the younger bands current releases with ease.
Dead men walking.
Saw The Stones last night. Incredible show. The whole band was fantastic. Great band making great music.
"Wind me up, yeah wind me up, I'll never stop....
You make an old man wheeze............."
This is a very strong album period. The stones seem to have a slightly harder more up front edge to the guitar playing than previous LP's. The last song on the LP "infamy" sung by Keef is awesome.

luv the cover as well.
Keith sang "infamy" and played lead on most of the songs Jagger played slide guitar for "the back of my hand" and bobby keys played the sax solo for "bitch" They played some ray Charles.
Did he remember all of the words?
Rfigster, Isn't that what I said, keef sang infamy. R U confusing him with another keef in the stomes?
What I said was Keith sang Infamy live in concert in Philly PA weds night.
Ah, sorry bout that, didn't read your other posting. the concert must have been great!
Does anyone know if this vinyl album was made from digital or analog tape? Digital I suppose.
best new stones album in a hundred years (or more)...
That would make the band members about 120 years old. I suppose that's right.
Working title of next album is "I Can't Get No Metamucil".