New Stereo Times review on CODA CSiB Integrated Amplifier

My fellow Stereo Times staff reviewer, Richard Willie, has written a superlative review on the Coda CSiB Integrated that has just been posted on the website. Richard does a great job of describing the new "house" sound of this generation of Coda gear, an excellent analysis of the world class build quality of Coda gear, and a very interesting comparison of the Coda CSib to the Pass Labs XA-30.8. A fun read!

It'll be nice if they can work on the appearance, especially the front plate. No need to make it look fancy or expensive, just make it more streamlined and less cluttered.
@yyzsantabarbara  Man, you've been on a roll lately. Did I tell you how much I envy you? :)

I'm assuming once you get your Coda combo, the Krell will be departing, or are you planning to use it with your RAAL setup? Last week I talked to a local audiophile who also owns Thiel (I think 3.7), and he swears on his life that the Pass Labs INT-60 is the best pairing he has ever had with his Thiels. According to him, they complement each other very well, with the Pass Labs being more on the warm side of neutral. I haven't had a chance to listen to his setup yet, but I might be able to in a couple of weeks.
Was wondering if the Coda was more inline with the Pass XA25 vs the Pass 30.8? I bought the Pass XA25 over the 30.8 for me it sounded better than the 30.8.

 I found the perfect class D amp in the AGD Audion's. If the Coda is better than the XA25 i might look to upgrade my class A system?? THE Show is coming up this June i will have to make a point to give the Coda a listen.
@arafiq If the Benchmark mono could put out over 600 watts at 2 Ohm I would use that over the CODA and the KRELL for the 3.7’s. It cannot so I have now moved that stack to the living room where it sounds incredible with the KEF LS50’s. I think I will blowup those speakers the way I am cranking it now. The CODA and KRELL are much better suited for the power hungry Thiel CS3.7, the CODA #8 or #16 especially so. I like the clarity of BM gear a little more over the extra bit of warmth of the KRELL and CODA (first world issues). I doubt I will like the even warmer PASS with the Thiel CS3.7. I do not find it bright at all unlike some others.

I have the KRELL back in the Thiels the last few days and I just love it. I was listening to a ton of Fela Kuti yesterday and with the additional power from the KRELL it was so much fun, better than the Benchmark stack power wise.

The reason the KRELL is sort of aimless at the moment is that the wife nixed the idea of the family room speakers. The KRELL was going to go there. I am conflicted about selling the KRELL because I love the sound but it would only be used for the RAAL SR1a and that seems crazy.

I bought a $1500 D-Sonic stereo Class D amp recently for the RAAL SR1a so once the CODA 07x gets here I can use the dual XLR outputs and have a listen. I am hoping that gives me the push to sell the KRELL.

I just realized that all my gear is made in the USA. That is cool.
@yyzsantabarbara Thanks for the update. It'll be interesting to read your comparison between Krell and CODA separates. I think Krell must have gone through substantial design changes to sound a bit on the warm side of things. I remember hearing a Krell integrated many years ago, and found it to be too bright and sterile for my taste.

Based on comments on this thread, it sounds like CODA should outperform Krell and Pass Labs. Let's see what you think. When are you expecting to receive the CODA stack?