New SR Orange fuse ...

Ok, for those who have been waiting with bated breath, the new fuse I've been beta testing is the new Synergistic Research ORANGE fuse. 

Price for either size, large or small, will be $159.95 and will be available in all values. Available through your dealer by the middle of the month. The 30-day return policy is still in effect. 

This new fuse has more impact on SQ than going from the SR Black fuse to the SR Blue fuse. For those of you who have made this change, you know that is saying a lot.

The new Orange fuse's main strength, as I see it, is the improvement in tonal accuracy. In addition, everything just flows better, with lower distortion, better three-dimensionality, and improved dynamics. 

This is a definite winner, for sure. Two thumbs up. 


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I don’t think I will be interested in a orange outlet.

Years ago Shunyata offered a solid copper slug to use in place of a fuse. I wonder how that compares?
BTW, I have all the SR blue fuses, before that blacks, before that reds, before that others.