New Spectron Musician 3???

Just read that there Spectron just came out with a musician 3. Anyone know how it is different from the 2? How about pricing?
Call them and ask. They're very friendly.
There's some info in the link bellow.
Hope folks don't mind me using a classified as a means of displaying a picture of the new MIII, here it is.
I can give you some, short info.
Better power up, less propensity to have any hum, more refined, (probably due to some isolation issues etc.).
The looks are KIIILLLERRR!
Now the amps sounds like it looks! Exciting HUH?
Are they being shipped? thx.
Spectron is now shipping the Musician III, I'll receive my MIII this week. Unfortunately, as timing would have it, I'll be out of the country for a few weeks.

Much of the delay in shipping can be attributed to getting the new casework and faceplates manufactured to Spectron's satisfaction. I understand that some of the initial runs were rejected, and that all the faceplates had to be sandblasted and replated.