New Speakers up to $15k - The more I read the less I know!

I am looking to upgrade my speakers and I am in search of guidance. I presently have B&W 803S and I find that these are excellent speakers and have really responded as I have steadily upgraded my system. I am now looking to buy speakers that will disappear, image and sound as neutral as possible. The 803's are close. 

My system is: ARC REF110 w KT120s, ARC LS27, ARC PH8, VPI Aries 3 fully upgraded, Lyra Delos, Rega Saturn CD, Oppo Sonica DAC, AQ Water & Niagara IC's, REL R528se Sub and more...

Actually, the ARC REF110 and B&W's are a much better match that I would have ever thought and the amp has plenty of power to drive at very high levels. I mainly listen to analog. 

I am looking at Vandy Treo CT, Quatro Wood CT, B&W 802D (used) but I need more ideas... I would prefer to buy new but I will look at used if the right deal presents itself. I am leaning towards the Quatro Wood CT so if anyone has experience with these and a REF 110...?

Thank you.
Check check out Gato speakers from Denmark.  
I would suggest a listen to Focals and BW.

For focal I think brand new Kanta 2 or used Sopra 3.  

For BW I would go brand new 803d3 or used 802d3.

Another to consider is used Sonus Faber Futura.

i have heard Vandersteen 5a carbon.  Pretty good too.
See Mick at Quintessence Audio in Morton Grove, IL.

Don't forget the Joseph Audio Perspectives if you can find a JA dealer -- it'll be worth your while given what you're looking for. 
If you live in the tri state you should get yourself to Audio Connections  and talk to John
I did that myself and got a pair Vandersteen Quatros  best purchase  I have ever made in    
audio biggest improvement in my system to date  John can dial in the speakers to sound great in any size room   A few thing to finish then I will post my new system