New speakers? No thanks.

Last week while chilling with my wife, listening to music, she turns to me and says,” you haven’t bought any new speakers in years.  You should take our tax return and get some”.  Did the planets just line up?  Or was it the two bottles of wine?   Who cares!?!

Ive been totally satisfied with my speakers,Vandersteen Quatros, but wasn’t gonna waste this opportunity to shop. So I hit up a couple of shops in Seattle.  I listened to the new Tannoy Cheviots and DC10a.  I tried some Devore Gibbons.  Listened to Martin Logan’s, Sonus, Living Voice, and Usher.   

None of these sung to me like my old Vandies. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t close. While they all had their attributes, none checked all the boxes.   I know it’s system and room dependent, but you can get a decent idea in showrooms.   

I think I’ll just save my pennies, and try to get my wife wasted enough someday to get some new Quatro CTs.  
Look at room acoustics if you haven't already. :)
And what wine was this?
Lol. Kendall-Jackson or chateau Ste. Michelle usually does the trick!
@bigboltz stop by with or without the wine ( I might keep some around...ha ) and listen to the 7’s .....

I am a fanboy, your Quattro are amazing....

PM me and we will have fun

@tomic601 let’s do it!   I’m a fanboy too!    I don’t know why I was tempted to wander, but I can’t imagine better sound than Vandersteen and AtmaSphere. I’m sure you’ll torture me. 
I think I’ll just save my pennies, and try to get my wife wasted enough someday to get some new Quatro CTs.  
Good plan
wander at your torture...I promise....but you might consider the pair of 5a Carbon at Sunnys in Covina....

my pro bono audio business is called Vintage Crack Audio - like any good drug dealer - the first hit is free !!!!

when does the ice and snow go away ? I am South of the airport

I love Vandies and 15" DC's in the Tannoy Prestige Series. 
Maybe she's wanting something that looks different, heh.
Vandersteen Quattros would (will) be my final speaker; for now I'll just enjoy my Thiel 2.4s.
Strangely enough I have never heard that question come out of my wife's mouth. She did ask me once "doesn't it sound good enough". I laughed.  
I can relate. Spent so many years with the same speakers that after a while it was no longer the speakers trying to recreate reality, the speakers had in my mind become reality. So when I went to upgrade speakers I passed on what in hindsight were probably some really superior examples and went with a newer better same brand simply because "that's what speakers are supposed to sound like." Which in fact was not that at all but merely a newer version of what I had become used to.

Then some time later my wife happened to be with me when we heard something completely different yet so much better that on the drive home my wife started asking if we could buy them. Very unusual. Never did that with anything before. Already spent more than I ever thought I would on speakers, these cost a lot more than that, but so amazingly better and with the wife actually wanting them, well what are you gonna do?

Some time after we got the new ones I went to hook up the old ones to sell. With the volume turned down low, really low, and me not even anywhere in front of it still the sound from that speaker I had enjoyed so much was now like an ice pick in my ear. Now, I worry you think I mean it didn't sound as good any more. No. I mean it was like an ice pick in my ear. Painful. Like the guy who bought them, a co-woker, I actually tried to talk him out of them. Offered to help him find actually good sounding speakers. Could not in good conscience .... anyway now he is stuck with them.

Its great you love your Vandersteens. Clearly you are not alone. But neither was I with mine. Just maybe, like in my case, there is a reason your wife suggested getting rid of them.

Maybe take her with you a few times. Audition with some of her favorite music. Why not? It was after all her idea. Just a thought.
Yeah, I think I would put that wine to use for another reason, heh-heh.....just saying! 

Seriously though, isn’t it nice when you are at a point with the system that you can pass up the need/desire etc. to spend more money, realizing that where you are is certainly good enough? Enjoy!
Maybe you could try different amps, just for comparison. But even better - get your wife some nice jewelry instead. 
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I was at a shop when a 2ci owner came in and all he could do was question the need for any of the other speakers on the floor since the vandy's were clearly the only speakers in the shop worth a dime. Gotta love his passion, personally I found them to be a little vague, but yer dime.
but for fun and “icepick” avoidance, she can listen to the ESL-63, Apogee Stage on custom sound anchors or the tricked out one trick Pony here

i may even have the Thiel 2.3 running by then, who knows...?

why drink the same wine every nite ?
If you do sell, I'll take them!
Could it be expectation bias too? If you listen to one pair of speakers for a long time you might get used to the sound and not want something different.
Bigboltz, it’s always heart-warming to hear from someone who is happy with their audio choices. So, much of the market in second-hand gear consists of mistakes being off-loaded to the next sucker.

where are you people located?  I'm in the NYC area.  I just picked up a pair of Vandersteen 5As to replace my 5s.  Have not set them up yet maybe this weekend.  The person I purchased them from upgraded to the 7s.  I brought over my DAC to play in his system.  All I can say is I now want a pair of 7s.  Never thought that I would say that but with my DAC WOW, the guy wants me to build him one.

Let me know where you people are.

Happy Listening.
 @bigkidz Seattle area! You are welcome also
The short answer confirmation bias is being open to information that confirms our own beliefs- about sound, wine, cars, politics, even science

one reason why the frequent touchstone of Live unamplified Music need be a persistent reference

and another reason why I own speakers with widely divergent design principles...
@tomic601 Wish I was closer but the guy I purchased the 5As from got the 7s.  He told me that he did not feel the 5 Carbons was worth the extra funds so he go the 7s.  I was never really that impressed with the overall sound until we brought my DAC to her in his system.  It was a transformation.  If you even come to the NYC area, let me know.  There are few audio clubs in the area and plenty of dealers too.  I will be launching the product line soon.  The past two Capital Audio Fests the room we were in won best of show with the GT Audio speaker room.  You can look it up and there are a few links to the room playing music.

Happy Listening.  What other equipment are you using with the 7s?
A good example of confirmation bias writ large was a guy I sold a stereo system in 1980
he had grown up obsessed with LED Zeppelin and played it constantly on his all in one white plastic GE stereo - you know the one....
anyway he saved to buy an NAD amp, Denon TT and ADS 710

he returned at after a week saying it didn’t sound like Zeppelin..., his own personal private Led Zep....
I have Vandersteen 2 CE Sig II, and enjoy them immensely but if I were able to budget a change of speakers I would get the Quatro Wood CT without question.
I’ve gone from 2ci’s to 2ce sigs, to the sigs  with a 2w sub, then added a second 2w. 

Then upgraded to a pair of 3a sigs, which sounded wonderful with the 2 subs.  Now I have the Quatros in the older cloth version.  

I also have an HT system downstairs with 1c’s and the vsm surrounds.  I guess I’m obsessed.  

I should mention that theyre made in my hometown and my Dad graduated with RV and still runs into him quite often. So there’s a nostalgia factor, to boot.  

I think i was really just looking to try a different flavor while I saved for the CT’s 
My question is... how the HECK did you get a tax refund under the new tax law??!!! Jeez, that “tax break” cost me over $12K
I was dumb enough to give Uncle Sam an interest free loan.  I withheld a few hundred extra out of each check
Listen a few times to the same recording:Your favorit music..before you go to a store. See that all the details are in your head. Let play the same music in de store and look for the details in the music, how the Instruments sound. According to you, take the best sounding. Ask to compare the best sounding speakers at home with yours. Than you can make a decision. The best speakers are those that sound most pleasant to you ( and your wife). I can not say: “This or that brand of speakers”,because it  has also to match with your amplifier.
Hmmm- I heard there aren't many sources to get wasted in Seattle. Good luck anyway though.

+1 @bigboltz
+1 @erik_squires
 @bigkidz A DHt DAC done well must be a thing of wonder :-) 

My ref system viewable in the virtual systems part of audiogon
search Poverty Bay and I think you will find it.

enjoy the music and the tax returns and the wine everyone !!!!
Being satisified or happy with what one has, the life one lives is one of the best things we can do for happiness.
@tomic601 thanks also built a DHT preamp, a 6SN7 preamp and a killer phono stage Very nice they are reference quality compared to the local dealer offerings.

@2psyop AMEN.

@tomic601 - just posted pictures of the components my partner and I build.  Let me know what you think.
Once I can sell my old 2w and 2wq subs, I am going for the new Sub 3's.
I wish I had more room, but the Treo's are the perfect size.
@gdnrbob I thought about getting Treo CTs and a couple of subs, just to get into the carbon tweeter.   But I don’t think it will be a whole lot less at the end of the day. So I will likely wait for Quatros CTs
If you're happy with your speakers then you don't have to change anything. Enjoy the music.

I haven't heard any Vandersteens, they are uncommon in Europe. I just heard a pair of MBLs and they were fantastiskt! Totally different Price though. They Playstation sounds in all directions and may be a bit similar to your speakers. Have you tried listening to omnidirectional speakers? Might suite you better.

I also heard Oido Audio speakers that were good but they are probably very hard for you to find.
I think the Treo CT with 2 x Sube 3 at about 15K vs the Quattro CT at same $ comes down to room placement options. Obviously the footprint of the former system is much larger than a pair of Quattro, but the Q is deeper and should be located more into the room as Treo was purpose designed for closer to wall environment..and the Treo is ported, so that is a small consideration as well.

but what fun !!!!!

i am spinning the newly released butbrecorded 1980 Linda Ronstadt- Live thru the TREO CT today, lovely.....

you can view that system by searching casa pacifica

great music Sunday all !!!!!!

 @bigkidz will have a look at gear, I assume in virtual systems ?

best Jim
You must be reading my mind.
I have been dying to listen to MBL's for years. Not common here in the US. I missed a pair of used 121's and am kicking myself.
And, I have a soft spot for Omni's. 
 @rx8man thanks for link, that worked, I posted a question there so as not to hijack this thread.....lovely stuff those DHT 
Ur Quattro aren't that old - but they look pretty biog - are you sure ur wife wasn't giving u the hint that she wants you to get something a bit more wife friendly??? ;)
Joking aside I am convinced that sales drive more speakers as opposed to technological jumps. Leets be honest if recordings from the 50's and 60's are better than todays recordings - then why should old speakers be no good?
Save ur money, or buy another piece of kit - better still go to a few concerts
@headphonedreams... yes Vandyuncommon in Europe. Helmut Brinkmann has a pair of 7’s normally demonstrated at rhe Munich show. On my list to attend that one for sure...I think it is most probably the best HiFi show on planet..

anyway, yes the big MBL properly driven for sure is a world class speaker, apples and salmon to the Vandersteen sound/ approach but yes in a big big room pretty incredible...some but not all Vandersteen models have a rear firing tweeter, 100% distortion, but can give some of the same is switchable....

have fun, music is the key!!!!!

I love the smell of "New Speakers"
You can NEVER have too much power, I don't know how many people are going to ask this question on this forum.

The only thing you can have too much of is stupidity, if you turn the juice up too much and hear that something is wrong and don't turn it down then you will blow your speakers.

However, if you have more than enough juice to run your speakers then you are running them with lower distortioned power.

Additionally, if you were to ever build better speakers (presumeably with better power handling) you will have the extra power on tap to drive those speakers harder.

Heres my advice, get the best, highest powered amplifier you can afford right now so you dont have to buy it later. I bought an integrated amp that put out 150wpc thinking it would be the end all solution, I was regreting it 2 months later, then I bought my two Bryston 4B's which are both bridged running +/-1000 watts per side.

Hopes this helps.
Yes to the above poster, since most speakers need more power. But one needs CLEAN power and that often comes at at price. What was that Nelson Pass rule, if the first Watt is not right, all the others that follow will be wrong? Someone correct my memory. There are a ton of crappy powerful amps at attractive prices and if you buy one you might end up with LOUD CRAPPY sound
Last week while chilling with my wife, listening to music, she turns to me and says,” you haven’t bought any new speakers in years.  You should take our tax return and get some”.  bigboltz  you've just experienced a temporary state of nirvana ! congratulations! Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket and cross your fingers.