New speakers. New room.

A while back I posted some questions about a nice pair or Aerial Acoustics 6T speakers that I inherited. I already had a primary system with a semi-dedicated room for listening. So these went in our formal living room, a room we don’t use much unless we have company. My wife allowed the speakers but did not want a big pile of amps and pre-amps, etc. I got one of the new Sonos Amps to go with them. The amp is not of the same caliber as the speakers but it is small, cheap-ish, and has reasonable power and in fact does a good job. I’m far happier with it than I thought I would be. Plus, since it is Sonos based my wife can use it easily with the Sonos App. I’ve come home many times to find her in there listening to music while she reads.

Anyway, the point of this post is really just an observation: We are now using our living room. And its a nice room to be in. So I’m enjoying these fine speakers but also enjoying the room itself. So its a win-win really. From an interior design standpoint the speakers, though elegant, are a bit out of place but the Amp is completely out of sight. But now even my wife agrees that its a small price to pay. All of which is to say, if you have rooms you don’t use much, put a modestly priced system in there and enjoy the music and the room.

All of my electronics are in another room, my ex-laundry room.  This hides everything, and provides a dedicated 110v 20 amp washer outlet. Of course, my garage lights now dim a bit, to the cadence of the pulsing agitator.
Cheers to that!! Thank you for sharing. 
Wonderful room! Thanks for sharing the room and your experience!