New speakers. New room.

A while back I posted some questions about a nice pair or Aerial Acoustics 6T speakers that I inherited. I already had a primary system with a semi-dedicated room for listening. So these went in our formal living room, a room we don’t use much unless we have company. My wife allowed the speakers but did not want a big pile of amps and pre-amps, etc. I got one of the new Sonos Amps to go with them. The amp is not of the same caliber as the speakers but it is small, cheap-ish, and has reasonable power and in fact does a good job. I’m far happier with it than I thought I would be. Plus, since it is Sonos based my wife can use it easily with the Sonos App. I’ve come home many times to find her in there listening to music while she reads.

Anyway, the point of this post is really just an observation: We are now using our living room. And its a nice room to be in. So I’m enjoying these fine speakers but also enjoying the room itself. So its a win-win really. From an interior design standpoint the speakers, though elegant, are a bit out of place but the Amp is completely out of sight. But now even my wife agrees that its a small price to pay. All of which is to say, if you have rooms you don’t use much, put a modestly priced system in there and enjoy the music and the room.

Always best to compromise with the boss. Everything else belongs in the mancave.
Too bad there's not a way to insert a picture of your room in this thread. Wouldn't THAT be nice?

Dark ages of internet, anyone?

Anyway, congrats on your new setup. Sounds nice.


Try this link and see if it works for a picture of the room. Its a wide angle view but you can see the speakers at the back of the room. They would probably looked better if they had been in rosewood rather than piano black but I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

First attempt did not work. Let's see if this does:
Have a look at Altec Lansing Granada's.

Thank you. It is not a large or particularly fancy house but my grandparents built it in 1929 and I've been in it for about 10 years.
I tried hard, but could not find the amplifier. Is it in the cabinet? Above what looks like a 16-piece encyclopedia.
+1 @twoleftears 

I have a pair of Altec Malibu; they sound sublime with class A amplification or Scott tube monoblocks!!

I dig the center rug.

You really need to learn how to set up speakers that chair by the left one that's ruining everything. Maybe you should go to the Cardas site and get some education.
glupson, the amp is a Sonos Amp and is about 8x8x4 inches. It is on a small table at the far end of the couch. I’m going to make a small stand for it and put it under the table so it will be virtually invisible from a decor standpoint.

havoc, as they say "some education" can be a dangerous thing.
A very exquisite reading parlour.  Your rugs are very nice.  Looks comfortable and inviting.  
A wonderful and  very appealing room. I am sure the house is as well. 
All the while these people are actually thinking, "sh-t! A Sonos amp with those speakers? I'd rather eat 2 week old suchi." 
I agree with everything the OP had to say. Life, like that room, is full of compromises. Like comedian Jackie (Moms) Mabley used to say, "I see you all looking at my shoes. They may not match my outfit, but they match my feet."
@mijostyn. You might be surprised.I had that same concern. It was unfounded. I have listened to these speakers with three different amps including a nice Bryston (with Shinyata power cable and power conditioner). I would certainly give the edge to the Bryston, but the difference was not a deal breaker by any means and I'm quite happy with the SQ of the Sonos. (I, apparently, do not have golden ears, for which I am often thankful!)

I still have the Bryston amp and choose not to use it. The SQ difference is not enough to warrant the bulky unsightly equipment that my wife would not like the looks of. She would also not use it with the added complexity that most of us take for granted when approaching a full system.

These speakers have a reputation of being finnicky but that has not been my experience. I think they sound great with almost anything you plug them into. A real tribute to AA in my opinion even though I think they kind of enjoy the reputation of making hard to drive speakers. I think that is an appeal for some folks.

But @aewarren is correct, this whole set up is about compromise and so far I think it is well met. The wife is happy. The room hasn't been transformed into my personal listening room (I already have one of those with my primary system). And I find myself listening in there more than I expected that I would. And so has my wife!

Very cool room. Out of place? No. And don't come back with a post that say's, we may have to get a new carpet to match the speaker grilles. Enjoy the music.
For years we used our living room as a museum.  We went in there for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Finally, a friend of mine came over and suggested we turn it into a listening room.  So we did and now we use the living room as much or more than the family room.  We even added a 65 inch Sony XBR TV and we are enjoying it.  We enjoy have people over for dinner and spend time listening to music with them over some wine.  Best decision we ever made.  If you add a nice stereo cabinet between the speakers and add a nice amplifier or receiver, you might be surprised how much your wife likes the sound.  There are some beautiful stereo cabinets available that a beautiful pieces of furniture.  One of our favorite rooms in the house is now our music room.
I found out what your REAL problem is when you posted the pic.  NIKONIANS?  You have been spending too much on photography!  (Me, too!)
I actually haven't spent a lot on photo gear for a while. Got a D750 when it came out. Matched it with some appropriate lenses. Great set up! Haven't bought anything since. Yes, the initial cost was steep but it has been worth it.

That is the way I am with most things. Once I get the right gear I tend to stop buying. I am not inclined toward constantly having the latest thing.

However, on my last major travel I found the D750 with a big 24-70 2.8 on it got cumbersome. May look into a smaller lighter travel camera at some point...........but COVID has sure limited travel opportunities!
All of my electronics are in another room, my ex-laundry room.  This hides everything, and provides a dedicated 110v 20 amp washer outlet. Of course, my garage lights now dim a bit, to the cadence of the pulsing agitator.
Cheers to that!! Thank you for sharing. 
Wonderful room! Thanks for sharing the room and your experience!