New speakers needed on a budget

Just got married, and new speakers are needed. We have a budget of $800 a pair. They need to be floorstanding. Jazz, classical, rock, and a few movies are our listening pleasures, but are never played loud. The room is all hardwoods, and is about 18 x 27. What would you suggest to get the best sound for the dollar (and I know this is not much money for the type of speakers discussed on Audiogon). We are considering the Swan's but haven't seen much feedback.
I have owned the Opera Plateas for a few years. Work well with solid state and tubes. All hardwood construction. Not much on the web about them, but I can pass you a review, if you like.

There is a current listing for the Plateas (no affiliation). $500 for a speaker that listed for $2200, when new.

Platea listing

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I have a pair of QUAD 22L2. A seller - Lanemart often has them for sale here on Agon. I got mine for $950 including shipping which is a bit ver your budget. I'm pretty impressed with the sound quality given money spent. A friend has Paradigm 7's & 9's and I like the sound of those too. See many favorable comments on Monitor Audio but have not had a chance to hear them. Good luck.
What other equipment are you using?
Vandersteen 2ceSigs currently listed for $900, I think. Also Triangle Celius or Antal ESWs would come in at or under your money. Fial
Definitive Techology BP 7004's can be had used for that. Bi-polar with built in subs, I have had these in a system, driven by a receiver not a high end power amp, and they were fantastic. When ever I have friends who want a reasonably priced HT set up, that includes music, the first thing I do is look for a set of these, and after about 4 different systems set up with them, not one complaint.

They are a great speaker.
maggie mmg's. save money, buy new , and exceed your expections, even if you spent more.
GregandMary writes:
...We have a budget of $800 a pair. They need to be floorstanding. Jazz, classical, rock, and a few movies are our listening pleasures, but are never played loud. The room is all hardwoods, and is about 18 x 27. ...
PSB has just come out with a new generation of their Image line, which means the remaining stock of the previous version (which the rest of the speaker-building world hasn't caught up to) is on closeout at nearly 40% off.

Check out these PSB Image floorstanders: T45 ($500/pr), T55 ($600/pr), and T65 ($775/pr).

18x27 is a big room, so the T65s may be the best fit. Bear in mind, however, that they are 20" deep. They also come with foam plugs for the ports to match the bass loading to your room.

These PSB's are pretty amp-friendly and sensitive, so amp-matching shouldn't be much of a problem even in a room that big. An Onkyo A-9555 integrated amp would be a good match. They are also very dynamic, neutral, and transparent in the midrange, making them particularly suited to the wide range of music and soundtracks you plan to run through them.

I have no affiliation with PSB or Audio Advisor. I have an audio buddy who bought a pair of T65s and an A-9555 for a similar-sized room and he's very satisfied with it.
New floorstanders for less than $800 is a tough proposition.I second all previous suggestions for used speakers(I love the Quads).
Michael at STO Sound and Vision does a great job with inexpensive floorstanders(sold at deep discount).He carries Mission ,Mordaunt Short and Wharfedale floor speakers that look and sound great for much less than your max budget.Wharfedale is made by the same folks that manufacture the Quad speakers.I have no affiliation with STO.
I picked up a pair of Totem Arro's here on Audiogon for ~$800.
Second looking into PSB very good speakers for the money especially at what Johnnyb states above
for your stated needs, in addition to the totem and psb recs i'd look at monitor audio rs6, rega r5 o rs5 or my personal faves, the focal cobalt series, all of which can be found used within your budget. you might also look at accessories4less for discounted canton gle and mordaunt short--both vg.
Used Thiel 3.5's.
Vandersteen 1C's............wonderful with all kinds of music, easy to drive with quality inexpensive electronics. Congratulations on your marriage, and Happy Listening !
I second the Totem Arro recommendation. Look for a used pair here at around 700-800 bucks.