new speakers needed but which ones?????

I am in Las Vegas where there are very few resources to listen to speakers. I am putting together a stereo system in a room about 11ft sq. I will be using Emotiva or Rotel amps. I would like some recomendations on what would be a really good set of used speakers that might be had for about $1000. I can use bookshelfs or monitors as I also have a HSU subwoofer to add into the mix if necessary. I know it would be best to listen to the speakers but, like I said, I'm in Las Vegas and I don't care much for B&W or Canton. I have an Energy RC-10 setup for a home theater and another HT setup in the garage using Klipsch B-3s.
Any help please??
Used Reference 3a MM de Capo-i, Merlin TSM, Green Mountain Audio Callisto, Silverline Audio Minuet, Totem Model 1 or Totem Arro all come to mind.
i like the totem arro speakers alot...nice small floorstander and they are reasonable on gon...
Thanks for the advice. I googled each of the recomendations and really like what I saw. I don't think the arro's are the way to go for me but the rest seem great. Thanks so much.
I live in Las Vegas. Come over for a listen sometime.
Another good speaker for a small room is the Silverline SR-11. Fantastic imaging and soundstaging. Excellent speaker at used price.