new speakers for studio? Salon 2, Wilson....

I am wanting to upgrade my recording studio monitoring situation. I have a Krell 300 si integrated into some Revel M20 monitors and a REL sub. I'd like to get something significantly more revealing as hearing everything is best case scenario for mixing and mastering recordings.

The room is 15x19x9 and has a 6 wide opening on one wall into another room about the same size. My gear is all situated in the middle of the room. Now I have the M20s about 7 1/2' apart and sit about the same distance away. I have the freedom to move the speakers anywhere from really close to the wall to maybe 5' into the room but that will get them pretty close to my ears. Ideal would be closer to the wall and further apart. I am listening sort of near field now. Not sure how a big speaker like the Salon 2 would sound listened to close as 7'. Reviews seem to say that the drivers blend very well. I like the idea that they have a boundary compensation adjustment for close to wall placement and even a .5DB tweeter boost or cut. Not sure if I am thinking to big for such a room. I just want something very transparent and will be very revealing. Revel Studio 2s look good too as well as I have really liked almost any demo I've heard with Wilson speakers.

I would consider upgrading my amp as well. I was hoping to be happy with a class D amp as I'd like to be able to leave it on all the time without running up the energy bill or heating up the room.

I've have Dynaudio C4s in my living room and the bit of mixing I've done on that system tells me I need something significantly better in the studio if I am to make the right choices in my mixes.

You should look at KEF many top studio use KEF they have a cleaner top end with response to 60k in the treble, and they offer remarkable performance for the money, they too have room compensation built into the speakers and are much more dynamic speakers than the Salsons.

The Salon 2 is the best speakerI have heard regardless of cost. I would taken them over any Wilson, any day. Don't know how well the would work close to a wall however. I own Revel f32s and the bass compinsation switch takes to much away from the midrange for my taste.
I have owned Dynaudio C4's also for close to 10 years. They have given me a lot of enjoyment. But for the last 2 years I've been on a similar search. I want something that's more open, less veiled. The big Dyn's can be a bit slow sounding at times, and I just don't think I'm getting everything out of my system I could with them.

Over the last 2 years I've logged 10,000 miles of travel to RMAF twice and Newport Beach show, as well as a few of the big dealer showrooms. If I told you about everything I auditioned and what I thought it would be an hour of typing.

There are a lot of strong contenders out there. In 2012 I heard for the first time the speakers from a company called Vapor Audio, and was thoroughly impressed. But their biggest speaker at the time I didn't think would be enough for me. Then at Newport they released a big speaker called the Nimbus, and that really got my attention. RMAF last year they had a big room and 2 new big designs. With Wilson right next door to them, it was easy to go back and forth to compare. I honestly liked the Vapors better, at about 10% the cost. They're certainly worth a look. Only downside is they build to order so you'll have to wait a few months to get your speakers. But I plan on taking these to the grave!
I have what you would call a small studio or a very large recording booth. I mainly record upright and some electric Bass tracks and send them on to the clients post production. This is how much of what you hear in commercials is recorded. It sucks but its economical.

The most talented recording engineers I've worked with use some pathetic play back gear. They've been using their stuff for so long, to change it would be a disaster. As a novice recorder I need all the help I can get, is what they suggested to me.

For playback I use a pair of Avalon Acoustics Monitors powered by Hypex nCore 400 kit amplifiers and a Velodyne DD 10+subwoofer. This is not the HIFi type of sound you might find in a post production studio or a home system. You don't want that for microphone selection and placement. Compared to my tube powered analog HiFi I find it difficult to listen to recorded music for very long in my studio.

A company that could better help you with your speaker amplication is Meyer Sound Labs. Another manufacture often used in recording studios is PCM.

They both offer powered speakers and are very well made.

Stay away from all the playback products they sell an guitarded center.
Since you're also considering upgrading your amp you might consider active speakers like ATC SCM50 ASL or ASLT (tower version). Here's a review from a recording engineer's perspective that may be interesting:

Best of luck.
I have heard the Focal Twin6 BE with dual Sub6 subwoofers in my brothers studio and was very impressed. The amount of detail with the beryllium tweeters and top to bottom coherency was really special. They might be worth checking out.
One of my favorite monitors are the PMC AML2's.
I've heard them in a couple different rooms - I was just editing on a 5.1 set up - I love the detail and refinement - easy to listen to all day long - quasi-full range too...