New speakers dilemma for vinyls... Heeelp! :)))

My dear hifi lovers,

In a while I'm going to pull the trigger for a pair of new speakers, in 6000$ range.
My new system will be focused on a Pass Labs XA25 and a Rega Planar 6, I'll have to test both Ania and Exact cartridges as I don't know yet what to choose.
I was looking on the web for recommendations related to vinyls for speakers in such a cost range but found literally nothing. My system will be fully analog, 80% lps, 20% cds. So far I auditioned the Klipsch Forte IV and Sonus Nova 3, very different but both amazing for different reasons. I slightly preferred the Nova as for me the bass is the most important thing. The Forte had a decent one but don't go deep enough, hope to hear the Cornwall IV soon and find that amount of low frequencies missing with the Forte. Unfortunately the dealer couldn't provide a turntable for the listening. This month I'm still auditioning:

Revel Performa3 F208
Focal Kanta 2
Cornwall IV
Spendor A7
Dynaudio Evoke 50

In a first moment I was also strongly considering the Tekton DI's and Volti Razz, they're both still on the list but unfortunately I can't test them because I'm in EU and in addition I'll have to pay tax duties (but this won't be a problem if these speakers are really the best choice).
Anyway even if for next auditionings there will probably be a turntable, It's always hard to get what's better sounding. I have 1000 records and can't test all of them, plus I can't know which one has a solid registration or not.
Does any of you have experience with speakers in a such cost range, using a turntable? And btw did any of you try also the Ania or the Exact?
Please feel also free to recommend any other speakers i didn't mention, I'm extremely flexible and open to any suggestion (excluding Dac).

Vinyls? Um, they're called LP's. Or records. ANYTHING but vinyls, for gawd's sake.
@adversam I currently own models with refurbed cabinets. Ohm 5 series 3 which is last generation similar to current 5000s which are the largest with 12” driver but also most adjustable. Also Walsh 2 cabinets with 100 series 3 driver, 8” and closest to current 1000s or 2000s. Room size determines how large and how much. All models sound similar just a matter of how big of you want full extended bass.

I use Bel Canto ref1000m amps with a Audio Research sp16 tube preamp currently with them. That combo has been in place for ~10 years now. 
I have a new model Rega planar 8 with the Apheta 3 cart but I have experience with the planar 6 and both the Ania and  Ania Pro cartridges. My recommendation would be to skip the base Ania cart and step up to the Ania Pro since it has the finer stylus profile. The blunt stylus profile of the base Ania picks up more.surface noise compared to the finer stylus profiles. I don't have any experience with the exact but the more exotic stylus may very well be a positive. 

I also.have a pair.of.Revel F208 towers that I am very fond of. It was a learning experience but they didn't really come alive until I paired them with my current Parasound JC5 amplifier. They definitely respond well to a healthy amount of power. I have heard much more expensive Linn and Sonus Faber systems and didn't feel like I was missing much so take that for what it is. 
This is a dumb post. Good speakers don’t care what the source material is. 
Someone please explain to the OP that speakers don’t cater to “vinyls” or polycarbonate, or to Mylar-oxide streaming, or to anything else. They just reproduce what they’re fed.

Just dumb.
You did not mention a pre amp, are you planning to run your TT straight into the amp (I hope not?) Or, are you running an INT 25 not the XA25? The AX25 or INT version is actually a very capable amp, they push quite a few more watts than rated, almost double in fact. Your other “front end” components can have more impact potentially than the speakers. What preamp and phono amp are you running? Is your phono amp setup correctly, and is the cartridge setup perfectly? Both can have a huge impact on overall SQ.