New speakers designed by Andrew Jones

I'm just curious what $199 a pair would sound like. They have bookshelf sizes as well. I've heard that Andrew Jones has a great reputation. These are sold at best Buy
See for a picture of Andrew and his mini.

I'd be curious to compare against my Polks (rti28)
Hmm I wonder if it was coincidence in the Stereophile article that they mention the new KEF line of speakers and then show Andrew Jones' Pioneer bookshelf speakers. Anyway I'm a fan of the older KEF speakers and would give the Pioneer BS-41s a try since they are $200 + tax and shipping. Their look I'm not too keen on though, but hey if they sound really good then that should make up for it.

Now per the Stereophile article the BS-41 speakers are only available on line. I went to Pioneer's site and tried to find a store that carried the BS-41 and nothing came up. I was able to select the buy now button on their site.

I'm curious to hear how these sound to the B&W DM303 speakers I have. IMO these bookshelf speakers are great for either HT or 2-channel as well.

Thanks Aberyclark and Kal for passing along this info.
Jeninite, If you purchased the speakers, please give a full review. I'm going to BB to listen to the floorstanders (not an ideal environment by far)
Yes, do let us know. The demo at CEDIA had the BS-41s on stands that, likely, cost more than they do and in an acoustically-designed room that Pioneer uses for all their show demos. Especially for such inexpensive speakers, that may not be a realistic environment.

I went to the local Best Buy Magnolia center. As a side note, the Magnolia section did have a nice entry level Marantz integrated ($499) and B&W speakers. Good selection of Denon and Elite A/V receivers. Anyway, back in the regular section, I saw the pioneer towers. They are quite short (only 34 inches) and look a little on the cheap side. The grill covers remind me of the old "JEEP" branded boom boxes from a few years ago. Next to the Pioneers were the entry level Polk towers and Klipsch Towers. The Pioneers were the cheapest of the bunch. I must say, however, the Pioneers sounded no worse (or no better) than the Polks (remember the listening environment). The Klipsch sounded bright and tight (too bright for my taste). The Polks which were $299/pr were built much more solid than the Pioneers. For $199, the sound was on par with the more expensive Polks and fuller than the Klipsch.