New Speakers/Amps

Hey Folks

New to Audigon and a noob at speakers/amps! All i have is a decent ear for sound!

So, I am looking to set up a very basic system with 2 speakers, sub and an amp. I will be using it purely for listening to music thru an iPod or maybe a record player and occasionally use it for house parties.

Could u please advise me on what i can realistically get for my budget?

Speakers- 1000-1300 $
Sub- 500 $
Amp- 500-800 $

Thanks in advance and best regards,
I would opt for some Tekton speakers and NAD integrated amp. Forget the sub for now.
I'm with Tbromgard on the NAD suggestion. I'm a huge fan of their amps, especially the amazing integrated amps.
Shop the used market here for something local. PSB, Thiel, dynaudio, Kef, vandersteen, all have good "cheap" models.

I would skip the sub for now and put the money in speakers or amp/pre.

All in one DAC/pre/amp with great sound.
PSB makes some great speakers in your price range. Subs also. You can actually spend less. There are lots of great others too. I've always liked Jolida gear. I'd consider an amp from them if I was looking.

**PSB dealer disclaimer**
If you want a head start toward great sound:

-NAD C 390DD integrated
-KEF LS50 speakers
-Rega Apollo CD player
-B&W ASW650 sub
-Harmonic Technology (or Acoustic Zen) mono crystal wire

Happy Halloween!
Pre owned Nad electronics and Vandersteen latest model 2CE Sig series speakers AQ Cables
Dealer for both over 20 years
do more research than just hangin' out here. you should listen to various systems if you have a possibility. a local high-end dealer may be a good start
If you think you might get more serious about this down the road I agree with the others who said ditch the sub for now and get the best monitors/floorstanders you can afford (some good ones listed above) along with the best NAD integrated you can fit into your budget (used would be a good idea for the amp -- speakers are a little more risky used).

If this is really just for casual and/or background type listening you could save some $$$ and just buy something like this that should be more than fine...

Best of luck.
Dweller nailed it, try to stick closely to his recommendations - they will result in a *very* good sounding system...
Ipod advice: Make sure you are not using MP3 quality. Lossless audio makes a world of difference.
Thanks so much for all your inputs.

This will help me get started on setting up my first system. However, a few more questions...

I started researching right away from the first thread and realized the +ive reviews on NAD and am inclined to pick up a preowned one. Ive also found a few dealers here in Plano, TX (DFW) that carry NAD and plan to visit them soon. Some of the speakers that i can hear at the dealer's location are-

Magnepan, PSB, PMC, ProAc, Monitor Audio, GoldenEar, Linn, Speakercraft & Epicure. Ive not listed a few as they are a gazillion bucks! :)

Any thoughts on the above speakers? I forgot to mention in my initial post that i am looking for floor standing speakers only and the system will be set up in my living room area, which is a large area with 20 ft ceilings.

Vandersteen has great reviews but no dealership here to demo.

Thx again for the advice and look forward to more...
Ok, this is what I would do...

Zu Audio Omen speakers $1500 new.
Onix SP-3 integrated $500 used
Schiit Bifrost DAC $350 new.

I think high efficiency speakers will give you flexibility in case you decide to experiment with amplification in the future. I also think that if you intend to go with a digital front end, be it an ipod or a computer, then a decent digital audio converter is a must. I chose the Onix SP 3 for amplification because it is an amazingly well built tube integrated that can be had at a very reasonable price. The Onix will also help to tame any digital harshness that might come about from playing off an ipod. Good luck!


Zu is nice so is Tekton. Both have in home review periods with money back if not satisfied so yopu can demo in your own home. Zu also has "dirty weekend" special that is rebuilt used models at $1000
Listen to the GoldenEar Triton 7. I think you will find that a sub might not be needed. I agree with previous recs for an NAD amplifier and a DAC. Keep us posted and good luck.