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I currently have Vandy 1C's, but we're redecorating and I agreed to go to smaller speakers. I have a CJ MV-60,with a Shanling directly into it (no preamp). I'm interested in the Spendor S3/5 and the Harbeth HP3ES, but must admit I'm visually intrigued by the Gallo satellite set up. I listen to all kinds of misic, from Bach to Tuxedomoon to Willie Nelson. I can spend about1K. Any suggestions? Thanks.
All that you mentioed are good with the Gallos carrying the votes of most of our significant others. I believe the best value on the planet however is a pair of Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref Monitors purchased pre-owned ($1100-1300 depending on finish). Don't just take my word for it but look around on audioreview. com and this site in the discussions and you won't find anyone that is unimpressed or unhappy.

Good luck on your decision.

I was in a similiar predictament...and after auditioning Vandies,Maggies,Spendors,Sonus Fabers,etc...settled on the new Quad 12L monitor...which is a larger standmount...for its transparency,detail,3-d imaging, and legendary Quad transparency....and for its price range...exceptional bass...the SPendor 3/5 is great on vocals,strings.etc...but has very little bass below 70hz...if you are used to Vandy bass...the QUad is the only small speaker I can think of that can compete....and they can play louder and cleaner than the Vandies...
I would check out the Sonus Faber Concertino. Looks like fine furniture (high wife approval) sounds amazing. Hard to find a speaker that looks and sounds as good for $1000.

I also auditioned the SF Concertino...but they really need a sub...which is what I wanted to for more full range sound...I opted for the Quad 12Ls....but I like clean deep bass...
I am interested in the Quads, phasecorrect, but fail to see how a 6 or 6.5" woofer in that size cabinet can rival the low end of a large cabinet, t-line 1C. If it will play louder and more cleanly than a 1C, even with more restricted bandwidth, that would also be a good achievement.
You should consider the J.M. Reynaud Twin MK 3's. Check There is a review by Bob Neil on this product. He compares them to the Spendors and Harbeth models. The price is around 900.00 new.
Well...dont get too caught up on specs,design,etc...let your ears be the judge...and suffice to say...specs can be misleading...the Vandy on "paper" is rated lower...but not by much...a difference of a few hertzs is just that...and the new Quad 12L is a large,deep standmounter with a unique dual port design ...and much more cabinet volume that anything near its price...but more to the point...Quad is one of the oldest hi-end speaker makers around...from the 50s...and they are designed in the UK...where the competition to produce a truly world class monitor is fierce...and their claim to fame is their ELS speakers...which are reknowned for transparency,detail, and 3-d me...I performed an exhaustive search of over 6 mos. to find a monitor speaker with this kind of imagining abilities AND full range bass performance...if u find something similiar for 1k...let me know...
ALso...I am comparing the Quads more so to the monitor speakers in their price range...such as the Spendors,etc....than the Vandies 1cs...although my dealer carries both...which is why I am very familiar with each...and did an a/b with each as well...bottom line:the Quads 12Ls do have enough low end that u will not be missing much(especially compared to the SPendors)...and I am not sure how loud you listen...but Vandersteens do not like even modest volume...and in this regard...the Quads low-distortion drivers really do shine...
Thanks to all. I think I'll need a closed monitor, cuz I'll need to put them close to the wall. The Quads interest me greatly, but there's that rear port thing. So I'll probably try the Reynaud's and Spendor's. Thanks again.
Hi, Wiley!

Try some Triangle loudspekers! They mate fabulously with tube amps - especially with Conrad-Johnson amps("meant to be married" as one reviewer said)!
Don't underestimate them for being so reasonably priced!

Best regards,
Von Schweikert Audio has introduced a new monitor speaker at $995 nominal, with 'introductory' pricing. They intend it to be a world-beater, and it's worth checking. Not very tall, sort of stout in proportions, but nice looking and with a superb wood finish for this price range. The single most impressive 'real world' speaker I heard at CES was the new column from IMF Audio. It's $1500, and still 4-6 weeks from availability, but I have to mention it, because it was stunningly good, and gorgeous looking. About 4' tall, made from 6" PVC pipe with a 6" heavy aluminum full-length plate inserted as the face, with MTM drivers. Very nicely finished in veneer or leather. Elegant! This is a seriously good speaker from a new guy who has purchased the remains of Bud Fried's company. This speaker (all Muse front end, including new Model 10 multi-format player) stripped so many veils from the music, it was awesome!
Anything by Triangle..
Triangles are a bit too bright, even to a fellow frenchman.
For around $1k I prefer the Spendor S3/1p or even the phenomenal SC3 centers turned sideways (think of them as S3/5 with a second mid/woofer, and thus 89 dB/w instead of 84! Too bad Spendor doesn't have the sense to market them as a left-right pair! At $1400/pr list I prefer them to the S3/1p somewhat as they seem faster. Cheers.
The S3/5 does work very nicely close to a rear wall. Its limited bass and lack of port gives a very nice bass response even when placed directly on the wall. I'm not sure you can beat it. I'm not sure if the harbeth is significantly better for the money but between the two I'm sure you'll find a winner.
Of course imaging dissapears as the rear wall gets close, which is too bad.
I have owned other Vandersteens and am very familiar with the 1c. Great sounding speakers but unfortunately not very good looking. Trying to replace them will be tough. I "replaced" my 2ce's with B&W DM602S2 but I didn't do this to get any improvement in sound and only use this system for background music most of the time. I do have the Spendor S3/5 in another system in a small room (they would not work in the larger room where I had the Vandy's).
I am also not sure whether an all tube amp would be the best choice for the Spendor, whereas the aforementioned B&W's need a tube amp to sound their best. There are not a lot of good looking speakers that can be placed close to a wall and still sound good. Good luck.
I have a MV 60 and prefer monitors. The Spendor 3/5 is fine, but you may find it bass shy. ProAc Tablet Reference 8s would be nicer than the Spendors – better midrange and imaging. Both will be big room sensitive. Used Signature 50’s would be idea, but probably not within your price range. I agree as to brightness of the Triangle. The new VonSchweikert was rather dull sounding, but that was a CES impression. Sonus Faber and new Quads are good choices. Silverline SR 12 is in your price range and a stretch to the SR 11 is a nice move up. Audes makes a nice sounding speaker, but I heard of possible QC problems. Anyone else hear this? Meadowlark Swift and Swallow love tube amps and have the same footprint if you used stands. And for something totally different, listen to one of the full range driver speakers. Start with Lewis makes a good product. They may be larger than you want, bu take a look. As you can see, there are too many options.
Guru, you are close about the Triangles being bright, but know this, they were designed to be used in conjunction with tube amplification, having said that, I went to tubes very recently and Viola....end of story.
Please, do myself & you a favor if you can and
listen to a pair of Green Mountain Europas.
$780 new and they are unbelievable!

With stands you will be at your mark. I actually played
a little Willie last night for a friend (the type of
guy who usually just listens to my new speakers and say's
hmmmmm pretty nice)and he now has to have a pair.

When you close your eyes, you will swear you are listening
to a full range floor stander.

Please consider them before you buy, I think you will
be VERY happy you did.

Ok I'll bite....what is their website...
gr-research has a new Lucidity (criterion?)series
Not a lot of bass however.
alas, I am in the same boat...require small wall mountable speakers due to SAF/space constraints. I don't want anything larger than a Spendor s3/5 (or another ls3/5a type speaker). I have used Linn Tukans in the past with good success but would like something different that works well on the wall. The Gallo Due speakers are attractive but I just cannot believe they will stand the test of time.

Suggestions other than the 3/5? Is the Sonus something that works well on the wall. My amplifier will be a Bryston 2B-LP for the front speakers (60 watts per channel, 8 ohms, 100 @ 4 ohms).

I can only echo the praise of the Quad "12L" in this and in other threads on this board. The first time I heard them, I bought them! The tight/"punchy" bass will knock your socks off for the size and price ($800.00-$850.00 NEW).Very high spouse approval factor too!

Do yourself a favor and give the little Quads a listen-you won't be disappointed.

FYI: I understand the Yew finish is/has been discontinued, but they plan to offer a bird's eye maple in the near future.

Good hunting!

Again...12L is the one to beat....
If you want monitors under $1000, don't overlook the new Von Schweikert VR1. Nice size, gorgeous exotic veneer finishes, exceptional sound.
JMR has been getting some good feedback as of late and I would definitely check them out if you can.

Another angle is to get a set of Axiom's and change out their XO's if you arte good at DIY.

I wish NEAR still sold speaker's because they are really the best Metal Driver speaker's I have heard and found a set for $1K.

Happy Hunting!
I just got in a pair of the VR1s to replace my Thiel 1.5s and they are hands down the best sounding pair of speakers that I have heard for under 1k. I think that they could probably beat out a lot of speakers that go for 2 to 3 times as much. They are open and crisp without sounding bright. They even give off a great soundstage when I moved them back to bring out the base. They look great and the finish is one of the best I have ever seen, or felt. You really need to listen to a pair of these in your system before you decide which pair you want to buy.