New Speaker Stands?

IsoAcoustics Introduces 'Floating' Speaker Stands ... ISO·L8R155 stands. Anybody use these yet, they are made for monitors.
I am no expert, but intuitively, I don't understand why you would want floating speaker stands. This would only allow the speakers to move in sympathy with, perhaps in opposition to, the drivers, especially bass drivers, in the speakers. To me, it is the vibrations and soundwaves from the speakers that you want to launch as cleanly as possible, with as little movement from the cabinets as possible. Then you want to have your component supports absorb those soundwaves so they do not reach your electonics. For that reason, I use spikes to firmly couple my speakers to the floor, and absorption devices to isolate my electronics from the vibrations produced by my speakers.
They are also very short: 3" or 8". My current speakers are on 24" stands.
I just picked up a pair for my Triangle Titus XL monitors. There is nothing floating about them. Just a nice ergonomic design for use with small monitors. Looking like a perfect solution for the Triangles sitting just off the floor with a slight upward tilt. Just what the doctor ordered. Similar in function to some 4X pricier Mapleshade stands that got my attention initially but built for pro use. Ergonomic yet very functional and nice looking, A big thumbs up!