New speaker "break-in" music?

Any suggestions, from past experience, on what music to use to best "break-in" a new pair of speakers will be appreciated. I am sure my new MM deCapo-i's will take at least 200 hours. What would you use?
Almost any kind of fairly full-range music played at moderate volume will work fine. The objective is to "exercise" each of the drivers in the speaker, so music like orchestral, big band, etc., works fine.
crystal method,,,,,
Just play the stuff you love!
Listen to them go through the process. Sure you could put a cdp on repeat playing some burn in track from a Stereophile or Chesky evaluation compilation.You could play "Pink Floyd","Pink",pink noise,pipe organ classics,or "Cosmic Hippo",but really just play what you love.
200 hours is about 8 days straight.Out of a 24 hour day average person has maybe 4hrs max to expend for fun. Time has no refund.
You still here!Goooo!Play those new speakers!#:^)
Von Schweikert recommends heavy metal played at loud volumes to break in their VR4 Gen III HSE loudspeakers. Don't know if that translates to deCapos, but I pass along the info FWIW...
Hi Uncontop. Great choice of speakers sir, you will love them. Nice right out of the box, but they will need all of 200 hours of run in time to come into their own. Enjoy!
XXX (Triple X)soundtrack.

Whenever I get a new set of speakers I run the first disk of the XXX (Triple X) movie soundtrack -- Vin Diesle -- on repeat for as long and loud as I can. Alot of electronic insruments, very deep bass and intense drumming and cymbals throughout. Kicks the heck out of whatever speaker I am breaking in and works fast.
Yes thats an excellent way to flesh it out.

The guy just wants to break in his speakers nothing more :)