New Speaker for Under 5K

I recently posted a discussion called, "New Cart for Under 1K". Throughout the many responses it had been concluded that the real issue with my system is my current speaker setup. Rather than continuing a conversation about speakers in a subject about cartridges, I decided to start a new post to stay on topic.

I've been listening to a bunch of new speakers lately and have given myself a budget of 5K or under. So far, I've listened to Atom, Monitor Audio, Spendor S3/5R2, Dynaduio Focus 260, and the Devore Orangutan 0/93 - being the only one priced above the 5K mark just for comparison measures. Here's what I found:

Atom: Something was missing, they were very forward, had nice highs, but just didn't produce music correctly.

Monitor Audio: Beautiful speaker, a little to accurate for my tastes.

Dynaudio: Did everything very well and nothing perfect. Since I listen to a diverse array of music, these were the best so far. Bass could be a bit improved, but not thin.

Spendor: Amazing with jazz and vocals, boring and dry with rock.

Orangutan: Amazing punchy bass, but very much like the Spendor's where the treble rolls off and lacks excitement with rock.

My focus is to find a speaker manufactured by a speaker company that only makes speakers. Therefore that companies bread and butter where other products cannot pick up the pieces financially should a certain product line not be successful. I'm also staying away from all metal based tweeters since for whatever reason harshness in the highs and sibilance is a major issue with my current Focal 936's (which I'm selling). My original thought was to buy a new cart, but I have come to conclude that I simply do not like my speakers.

The posts under, "Analog", "New Cart for Under 1K" was my original posting which was tremendously informative and helpful. Take a look there to understand the history of this new post.

Any recommendations on top of the speakers mentioned above?

REGA RS7 or Tannoy Ptestige Line
Coincident Triumph with stands $4k
Check out the Joseph Audio speakers in your price range.
I have always liked the floorstanders and every demo I heard of any model
over the years has been very musical with no obvious flaws.
Check out the Tempesta's by Selah Audio, one of the best monitor speakers, the drivers are all first class and very well designed. Best of all this speaker is around 3k.
You might also want to look into Von Schweikerts.
I think you would like something by proac or martin logan (esl's)
Make sure any speaker you audition has the fabric dome tweeters since you dislike metal domes (as do I). I listen to a lot of rock and it sounds stunning through my Odyssey Lorelei speakers. (My speakers are actually the Kismet floor standers, but they are just a beefed up pair of Lorelei's with a better crossover. The sound is extremely close. My setup has very deep and full tight bass and midbass, smooth midrange and very non-fatiguing highs. I listen to anything from Allman Brothers all the way to ZZ Top and it all sounds good, some great and some stupendous.

Pink Floyd is amazing on them. Jazz and Classical sound equally as well. May be worth checking out. I think they are around 2800.00 but the same speakers under the Symphonic Line brand are around 10,000.00 in Europe and they are the same speaker system.
Usher Dancer Mini 2
So sounds like you haven't found the magic bullet with the other brands. As I mentioned in the other post, get thee to Park Ave. Audio and listen to the Joseph Audios dammit. What are you waiting for? They're right in your back yard. Just don't listen to the Pulsars or you'll be wrecked (or your budget will). Get off your arse man.
My recommendation would be Audiokinesis.
Merlin. Vsm mx used or tsm new.
Demo some Vandersteen or Thiel speakers.
Sonus Faber Liuto's should work very well with your ears and your budget.
The best speaker I heard at the Newport Audio Show was the Prana fifty90. It had the most coherent and compelling sound I've heard. I don't know if it goes low enough for you but if I had $4000 I'd seriously consider getting a pair.

Todd Garfunkel of MA Recordings was sharing a room with the designer, Steven Norber, and I could have stayed all day in there. I never heard of them before but the sound was addicting.

There are two toggles on the back: one brings the midrange forward just a bit and the other takes the natural roll off from 18Khz-20Khz and flattens it instead which seems to add a touch more emphasize that probably helps on some recordings. I preferred the natural roll off.

Of the two CDs I bought from Todd, there was natural decay and ambience that recreated the venue on my system but with the Pranas, it was like being "in" the venue.
I don't know how else to describe it. Both portrayals sounded great and I could easily live with either, but the Pranas are doing something that I can't quite put my finger on.

All the best,
I'd suggest taking a look at the Tekton Pendragons or perhaps a pair of Zu Definition Mk IIIs (if they have any available, you might come close to your 5K budget). The Tekton's are a real full-range speaker, sound great with all types of music, and are not that fussy about placement and other components. I owned a pair for several months and never found them harsh sounding at all. The Zus are similar but take tone and dynamics to an even higher level.
I would suggest the Tempesta's by Selah Audio, an excellent 3-way monitor that has top notch drivers.
Since I don't know what electronics your using or room dimensions I can only suggest 6 of the best all round speakers at approximately $5k or less(of course this is my opinion). All theses speakers are capable of bass 40hz or lower.
Focus Audio-FP 70SE
Gershman Acoustics-Sonogram
Magnepan 1.7
Stirling Broadcast LS3/6
David..if you have a large enough room I cannot recommend enough the formidable Polk LSIM 707. At $4K a pair it can easily go up against speakers in the $20K to $30K price range. Its large clocking in around a 100 pounds and is a four way design that will go all the way down to 22hz. Has one of the very best tweeter's on the market that is a in house design. Its common for Audiophile's to brush off Polk as a inferior speaker thats not Audiophile level which is a very stupid attitude. I previously owned the LSI 9's but the LSIM series takes it to a whole new level producing all the sonic qualities of the very best speakers such as hall effect, echo decay and three dimensional imaging with the very best detail with silky smooth highs and mids. If your room is mid size consider the $3K LSIM 705's which are 78 pounds and will go down to 24Hz. Their is no speaker on the market in the $3K to $4k price range that can better the Polk's. The Polk's sound their best with amps in the 200 too 500 watt range.
A lot of very helpful suggestions made above. I particularly like the suggestion of Vandersteen, the Sonus Faber Liuto, Maggies (if you have the room to place them correctly), Gershman, Proac, Martin Logan and Stirling (the Spendor classic box speakers, which include something similar to the Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 is nice sounding too.

I would add to this list the Synthesis speaker (tall, very thin tower), Tyler Acoustics (the ones with the horn tweeter) and the cheaper Audionote speakers.
Here's my picks, all under budget and currently listed: Nola Contender 2600.00, Gallo Classico 4 2495.00, Sonus Faber Liuto 4200.00.

Thank you for all your input. I will demo as many speakers as I can from your suggestions prior to making a decision.


I remember you recommending the Jospeh's and I will go to Park Ave Audio. I part own a small tech company and my average work week is 70 hours but I will get off my arse soon!

Thanks again everyone!

Nice that you are in NYC. You should be able to find tons of speakers to audition.
Didn't the OP say that he metal tweeters were out of the question? The only reason I bring it up is that most of the speakers recommended have metal tweeters.