New speaker cables - now audio seems panned right and left

I went from a set of Transparent audio "the wave" to a new set of no-name ribbon cables that are silver over OFC. They cleared a bit of the harshness out of my Vandersteen 2ce's but It seems that the audio now is panned hard right and left. My sound stage is gone... Thoughts? should I give them a break in time or send them back? 


Not sure what you mean by panned hard right and left, sounds like the stage got wider. Give them more time, at least a hundred hours. 

Toe in and speaker placwment.  You may need a lot less toe in than you did before.

Cables can affect speaker placement, but also, make sure that they're not wired out of phase which can cause that problem too.

On Spotify I pulled up some test tracks by bunker analog and noticed in the phase testing it sounded better (centered) when the tracks were out of phase. Any thoughts? 

Pre is a Krell KSL

Power is a KVA 150A

Thanks, everyone! I figured it out. The cable on one side was terminated reversed (red to black).





The test that you did proved that. I have made the same mistake many times over the years.

Problem solved! Love happy endings. I’m about to swap in new medium priced Mogami interconnects and a beefed up REL sub cable and am making a mental post it to keep everything in phase and ground the REL three pole correctly :)

How could I forget that,  it happened to me once not long ago,  I thought my system suddenly got more holographic..

Sounds like you purchased a set of cables from China. (just a supposition).

OFC cables historically take longer to break in.  What I would have recommended is a set of ribbon cables that use "OCC" solid core copper (with or without silver plate) Silver plating always tends to accentuate the upper frequency spectrum.

I have a very flat audio system response curve. I avoid plated cables and always go with "OCC" solid core copper. You will find that most of the harshness will be gone right out of the box. If you are careful in your search, you can probably find good speaker cables form CHINA fabricated from "solid core OCC copper". Beware however - - - sometimes the ads twist words around. Double check anything you buy. Personally, I have moved past CHINA for lower cost quality cables and have mine custom made for extremely low prices. All my cables are "OCC" copper. I have a wonderfully smooth sounding system, without spending a fortune.  VANDERSTEEN speakers should produce excellent quality sound and imaging, but the rest of your components need to be of equal quality. One weak link in the chain can kill the whole effort.


Long time back, I noted same situation with Talon Chorus speaker. No matter which wires used, the sound can only be heard from within the box, but not outside. No imaging at all. It could also be a room issue or wired out of phase

How do the cables sound now that the phase issue is sorted? I'm considering trying some China cables to see how they perform in comparison

vthokie83, I think they sound great! I was using Transparent audio Waves cables and they sounded fine with a Krell pre and Power amp and Magnapan .7's. When I changed over to a set of Vandesteen 2C's the speakers were WAY to bright. With the new cables I think they have a "darker" sound and have mellowed the harshness of the Vandersteens. So I'm enjoying listing to music again.