New speaker cables for my Bryston Mini-T's

First and foremost: Sorry for so many questions, this is all and I mean ALL GREEK to me! I have been a stalker here for a long time, but never had the money nor the hardware to really delve into these kind of threads or post about them. I just like to live vicariously reading about everyone else's systems! 

A very good friend just gave me a pair of Audioquest Rocket 88 72V DBS speaker cables, a pair of Transparent Cable The Wave 100 speaker cables, and a ton of other high quality speaker cables and interconnects. 

I am currently using some “home made” Blue Jean Cables (Belden 5T00UP 10AWG cables with BJC sonically welded banana plugs) for my Mini-Ts. I ran separate (Belden 5T00UP 10AWG) cables from my amp (Anthem PVA-7) to both speaker locations (total of 4 wires/ 8 conductors) I have removed the jumpers on the Bryston's and am currently listening to them Bi-wired.

Would I be better off doing away with the BJC wires and using the AQ and Transparent cables? Or, could I use one set of the BJC cables for say, the woofer on the Mini-T's and the Audioquest Rocket 88s for the tweeter/midrange?? Or any combination of cables between the 3 (AQ/Transparent/BJC) as long each matched both speakers termination points on the Mini-T's? 

Is it better to run a bi-wire set up or should I put the jumpers back on my Bryston Mini-T's and just use a single set of the cables??

I would, of course, audition all the cables in each configuration for best listening results/most pleasing to my ears. 
I’ve used Blue Jeans for years.
Cables from my Bryston 4BSST2 to thy Thiel 2.7s are 10 gage BJs
Couldn't ask for better.
Put the jumpers back on the Mini-T's. There is NO benefit to bi-wiring! Then use and listen to one single pair each week. I doubt you will hear any difference - all your wire is high-quality!