New Speaker Cables for Merlin MME

Just purchased Merlin monitors and now my Analysis Plus Oval 9 cables (bananas) are near useless for them.

Suggestions please for spade end cables not stupidly priced. I run new version Sugden frontend, Audio Zone DAC with MAC ICs, Ridgestreet IC, AP PCs and VH Audio PC. Yeah, I know I could have the AP re-terminated. I do like the cable.

Thanks in advance.
I also have the Audience AU24 speaker cables with my Merlin VSM-MXe's and love them.
Besides the Audience, TG Audio silver work well. Also, Audio Note Lexus would be good.

Be very careful with silver cables and the Merlins. This is something you must audition first before committing. I have tried numerous silver cables although not the TG Audio and the results have been less than desirable in all but one instance, the Stereovox 600 interconnects. All others have created issues especially the upper frequencies. In all instances with silver I noted an increase in bass energy but the excess upper frequency energy became unlistenable in a short time.

This may be less an issue with the MME than the M but do be careful and also consult with Bobby prior to making a decision.
Tubegroover, you "may" be right about other silver - but here you are wrong about Tg. So since you have not listened to it, I am - just a Bobby would chime in about hearing his current versions of Merlins - going to ask you to just sit back on the TG - not the other brands (you did not list). I am not saying you are wrong in anyway about other silver cables, but you are wrong on the TG Audio. The TG is very similar to the Stereovox, just a little smoother, a little warmer maybe, and a huge stage. It beat up the Golden Ref here... being more coherent, more musical, better stage, way better prat... With the Merlin jumpers for me (on the VSM-MXe). With Joule 100 OTL/LA150 prior and current BC3.1/BC206 now.

If the Audience is too weak in the bass, and thin in the midbass for any one listener... the TG is very similar, just more full, more dynamic, better stage, PRaT, and really coherent. The Merlins just disappear!! The Audience may be a bit more forward (for some a good thing), and have a bit more "air" - but yet less hall info. The TG is really good at hall info...

Not jumping on ya tubey, just asking you to speak to cables you've heard is all :) I also like the Stereovox!! Good stuff!