New Speaker Cable for New System

I am looking for new speaker cable for my system. I am using a MF A300 int. amp., Transparent Musiclink Plus interconnect running to the MF A3 CDP. DH Labs T-14 speaker cable in Bi-wire,running to B&W CDM1NT speakers. Energy ES10 sub. I listen to jazz, blues, classic rock, some classical. Thx in advance.
try analysis plus copper you will be amazed at price( dirt cheap) and great sound
Find a dealer that will allow you to demo various cables at your home. I tried a handful (Nordost, Audioquest, MIT and Monster 2.4s) and ultimately chose the Monsters for my biwired Nautilus 805s.
Find a dealer who sells FMS cables. I am using them with my Nautilus 805s. For a small mini monitor I do not think a better cable exists!
Please try *not* bi-wiring. IMO, bi-wiring ruins the pacing and coherence of music. Can sound impressive, because it after all makes the bass and treb/mids "stand out" from each other, but experiment with, say, some classic jazz, and see if the coherence of the music doesn't improve with single-wiring. As for brands, well, needless to say the brands within your reach budget wise just doubled :) pcanis