New Speaker Cable for New System

I am looking for new speaker cable for my system. I am using a MF A300 int. amp., Transparent Musiclink Plus interconnect running to the MF A3 CDP. DH Labs T-14 speaker cable in Bi-wire,running to B&W CDM1NT speakers. Energy ES10 sub. I listen to jazz, blues, classic rock, some classical. Thx in advance.
stick with Transparent.
try analysis plus copper you will be amazed at price( dirt cheap) and great sound
Best cable is the Alpha Core in copper. Cannot be beat and good pricing.
Find a dealer that will allow you to demo various cables at your home. I tried a handful (Nordost, Audioquest, MIT and Monster 2.4s) and ultimately chose the Monsters for my biwired Nautilus 805s.
Find a dealer who sells FMS cables. I am using them with my Nautilus 805s. For a small mini monitor I do not think a better cable exists!
Please try *not* bi-wiring. IMO, bi-wiring ruins the pacing and coherence of music. Can sound impressive, because it after all makes the bass and treb/mids "stand out" from each other, but experiment with, say, some classic jazz, and see if the coherence of the music doesn't improve with single-wiring. As for brands, well, needless to say the brands within your reach budget wise just doubled :) pcanis