New SoundLab 'stat?

Anyone seen these or know anything about them? They look like a smaller full range electrostat. Called the "Renaissance 3" mated with an AtmaSphere 60??
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You should talk to either Albertporter or Duke at audio kinesis both are incredibly large sound lab fans and keep up to date with all soundlab updates.
I heard these at THE show. Not bad, esp. for the price. Unfortunately they had the playing with a huge pair of Bugtussell (?) subs, so I couldnt' get an exact read on what the speakers were like on the bottom end. Better sized for the room they were in than the M1s next door to them. Unfortunately, they also had the door open between rooms at all times(!) WTF were they thinking here? at least both pairs were sourced from the same CD player, but still. Given the problems with auditions @ a show, you would think they would not be making more problems for themselves...

Anyway, worth a listen I think, if you have a dealer nearby.

I met Duke at the show - cool guy, nice to talk to.

The following is excerpted from the information available.

The Renaissance-3 is not intended to reproduce th lower two octaves, instead they are used with your choice of a subwoofer system. Sound Lab will be producing their own optional subwoofer system, the Renaissance-4, that is designed to provide a good balance between fast, articulate bass characteristics and heavy, less defined characteristics. The R-4 mounts to the lower back of the R-3 in the same location as the free-standing base and projects the bass energy through the acoustically open space in the lower part of the R-3 panel.

Audio power (min./max.) is specified as 50/400 watts (music rated power), radiating area is 700, horizontal dispersion is 90 degrees (full spectrum), impedance is 4 to 8 ohms depending on selected gain, and maximum sensitivity is 90 dB/1 w/1 m. 67 1/2"H x 20"W x 7" array (21" deep at base), 78 lbs. weight. Controls include gain (4 positions in 3 dB steps), low frequency cutoff (4 positions: 80, 100, 150 and 200 Hz), brilliance (continually adjustable), and bias (continually adjustable).

I look forward to auditioning them under better conditions and with the R-4 subwoofers. In any event I hope the above is useful and will be happy to provide any other information you may want. I should add I'm a Sound Lab dealer (located in the Chicago area).

Brian Walsh
Essential Audio