new sophia 2 + MC , little agressive. Break-in?

Hi, im sorry for my english.
I have bought a new Sophia II.
I have a MC452, and MC C220 pre tube.
and Tube Dac.
Before, i had this electronic with BW 802N and a sounds
is very very smooth.
A Sophia have aprox. 15 hours worked, at low Vol.
Sophia have more detail and do image 3D with very very incredible easily. but bit agressive, a tweeter and mid-high
is agressive, can change with more hours or Wilson is more brilliant speaker in general?
You will have to play around with positioning
Try not to have them pointed straight at your ears;
I had the Sophia 1 and 2. - and while the 2 is better in not being too aggressive. still was an issue for me. Take your time and play around - try moving them further apart than what you are used to also.
Positioning with these speakers is very important, but electonics and room will also paly a part
I think you really need to break the speakers in. 15hrs is nowhere near enough time. I'm familiar with both speakers and while neither speaker is a personal favorite, I can't imagine the B&W's being less harsh than the Wilson (Or any other speaker, for that matter.). You just need to give them some time.
Oh, I did'nt see that he only had 15 hours on them....
Of course you will need at leat 100 hours before you can make any serious comparisons
Keep playing them continuously and go back and listen evey 24 hours or so...
They are not harsh or bright fellows...they are revealing. Best cables to use are Transparent with Wilson speakers. I had the Mac stuff and found it veiled and slightly grey compared to tonaly complex and colorful like some other tube gear or Class A SS. The speakers should be the starting point for tuning your system and room. What is your source??
I think Wilson *is* a "more brilliant speaker in general," and it is not at all unlikely that you will continue to have this issue after "break in." (A system disc like Ayre's may speed the process.)

There's been a lot of discussion here of this issue for Wilsons in general, and the SII in particular, so you can get some guidance as to how you might take the edge of the high will still enjoying the SIIs many virtues (I believe Madfloyd had a long thread on this.)

Good luck!