New Sooloos start-up?

Just purchased a new Soolos. Trying to hook-up wireless. I will be hard wiring it later in a new house. Any tips on this process or any thing else. I know I can call customer service but sometimes the best advice comes from owners!
Let me know what you think after using it. I'm interested in one.
Great software, fun to play with! 2400 cds on one TB hard drive. I purchased controll 10 and twinstore with with no source (DAC) for $7,000. I was hoping I could use my DAC from my Krell EVO 505 but cant so I am using a cheap Cambridge DacMagic. The sound does not match my Krell 505 but I am in the market for a used Berkeley Alpha DAC that I hope will come closer to my Krell. So the jury is still out on sound quality but all my friends freak out on the functions of the Sooloos.
Just asking the question and I have no motive here: What is the advantage of this high priced product as compared to an Olive or a Mac with airport etc.?
2 Duanea,

I'm using PC with Lynx card and Berkeley, and I have Metronome CD5i Sig. Berkeley is better on 16/44 and on 24/88.2.96 or 24/176 it devastates any CDP in the world.

excellent user interface and easy setup.