New Sony Hi Res Coming This Fall

Interesting article in USA Today my friend just sent me. I won't pretend to know how to add a link on here but I'm going to try it anyway. .
USA Today has to be the most annoying website in history. Their stupid popup ads obscure the photos of the original article. And when you click the "close" icon on the ads, it takes you to another webpage that has nothing to do with the original content. USA Today = Just Say No...

'vinyl-like listening experience' it claims. Why bother with anything but the 'real thing', that is playing the actual vinyl on my TT. Seems they are forever chasing the 'glory' days. Enjoy the music.
I followed the link above using Google Chrome and there was only one thing that "popped" which was the blue with white font "Up Next" coming out from the RHS; and clicking the X put it away.

Perhaps a different browser will give you a better experience.

Sorry guys. I'm using an iPad mini.
Link and the resulting page both worked fine for me using IE9. Interesting product descriptions although Sony's inclusion of "Hi-Res speakers (priced at $599 and $399 per pair)" in the product line escapes me.
Try these:
"USA Today = Just Say No..."

Gary Trudeau lampooned USA Today in early days as the lightweight publication it was and still is. If one wants in-depth news they go elsewhere in print or online. The Sony Hi-Res story has been making the rounds on most of the audio forums for at least week already.

Ooh, hi-res speakers! Fabulous! Digital compatible? Digital ready? And at such astounding price points. They must be really, really good. Where do I get them?
* Aren't these the same people who brought us perfect sound forever? I'm still waiting. 8^)

Looks like "hi-res" is the latest marketing buzz word.
'vinyl-like listening experience' it claims. Why bother with anything but the 'real thing',

Maybe everyone isn't as enamored about carefully storing the medium, then cleaning it all the time to avoid the dreaded clicks and pops, then having to obsess about TT set-up, and cartridge status, and having to turn the thing over to get the other half of the music, and having to ensure that everything is again packed away carefully, and having limited availability to take out of the home environment, and use in other places, like a car or the beach, or, or.

Maybe. Seems some folks like to do things with their life and be able to enjoy some high res. Go figure.
It looks nice but without digital outputs I will pass.....
The masters at marketing strike again and everybody falls for it.
Here is the link:

Sony High Resolution Audio
I would like to see music on Blu-Ray. I would think Symphonic detail and dynamics should be much improved over SACD.
I don't believe you guys. Nobody(except President Obama) is going to make you buy anything (and Sony can't afford to enlist the President's help).

This project may fail and it is definitely being done, in part, to make more money off the back catalog. So what?

If it does succeed, DSD downloads and the variety of equipment built by various high end companies to play them could make high res digital the best sounding, most convenient format available without question. Not for the guys who will die clutching their vinyl records, of course. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I think this is still a free country.

So let's see what Sony does before we condemn it. It could be a good thing and might even get some new people interested in the high end. I hope the consensus would be that that would be a good thing.