New Sony Firmware For HAPZ1ES Player

Sony has a network update available (today) for the HAPZ1ES server/player.  It upgrades the firmware and adds new features.  You also must update your remote software on your iPad or Tablet.  It all took less than 5 minutes.  Seems to be working fine, so far.
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Yes they added Spotify. They didn't indicate new sound improvements I can recall. Maybe the app is more reliable now (both were updated). So far so good anyhoo. 

can this device receive Hi-Rez downloads from the net?

Or, would said file have to be transferred from a PC or MAC (after being and stored as a download)?

Happy Listening!
As far as I know, no it can't download Hi-Rez files off the net.  You must download to main computer and then transfer to the Sony via the wired or wireless Ethernet.
Cannot download anything directly. Files have to be beamed in from elsewhere. Can play via external usb drive though. 
Much Thanks!
I've had the Hap for a while now and I must say that I'm quite happy with it overall. Good intuitive interface, useless remote, but easy enough to work from my dedicated iPad. (Which was on its way to the graveyard before I got into streaming/servers.) It survives as my remote for the Hap. 

I've loaded approximately 200GB thus far with a lot of room to spare.  I wish it would allow me to consolidate files via the computer interface; Artists that record singles with other artists cannot be consolidated into a folder.  Small kvetch.  It's a keeper. 

You can merge folders via the remote control.  I forgot which app, but I had a cd with a song missing which was on a separate disk  It enabled to merge the 2 folders into one.  You will have to experiment with the remote to get it right but it does work.

Thanks stereo5, I'll give that a shot. 
I have a 3TB hard drive as backup for the Hap. I've been slapping some files onto a Zip drive and loading it into the Hap that way. Works well. 
I have a hapz1es coming on tuesday . I am using the store model until my new one comes in . Anyone compare the sound between the sony hapz1es hard drive and a external drive ? Also slow import v.s. fast when adding cd's via usb disc drive. WAV or Flac option ?