New Sony Bravia LCD ?

Today's BB ad shows a Sony Bravia LCD TV. What is it compared to an SXRD ?
I think the difference is the bravia is a lcd panel like a plasma-a really thin big lcd viewed directly. Whereas the sxrd is a rear projection television that still uses lcd panels but small ones that are used in a projector to project onto a screen from behind. I think I heard the bravias were recently recalled because of a software flaw that caused the tv not to shut off after a certain number of hours. I think it was a relativly easy fix.
Autio got it right as far as the Bravia is concerned. I have a new one and we recently received word from Sony about the problem with the unit not turning off although ours hadn't acted up. The fix was very simple. Sony sent us a little USB device containing the software fix. Plug it in the USB port on the set and 30 seconds later the fix had been effected.
The Bravia is a really nice LCD tv in my opinion. I looked at a lot of tv's before deciding on the Bravia. I'm very happy with my decision to get it.
SXRD is 1080p LCOS, whereas the Bravia is 720p LCD.