Does anyone have any idea of the cd quality
of the new Sony BDP-S300 Blu RAY player? Want to
know how good it will be as a transport to a dac
for 2 channel music. I know it is new. Any help would
be appreciated.

I checked my Sony BDP-S300 against another ordinary Sony CD player (I have four CD players) and it sounded identical when playing through coaxial digital out versus the other player on optical Toslink. No way I could tell which source was playing.

I have perfect level match as I used the same DSP has Bur Brown OPA 2134 Op amp with AKM AK4382 24bit/192kHz DAC's of about 2002 vintage(nothing crazy fancy but good enough for me)....I use a APC H15 to power everything so I am not expecting any clocking issues or noise issues from power. I ran a test of identical music ( a burned copy of an original CD ) so I coudl flip back and forth hundreds of times from the listening position without moving my head...


As an engineer this is what I would expect from Sony or another reputable maufacturer but I may have tin ears - so be warned!

I could have conducted the test with Toslink ( as I have three Toslink inputs but they are all already in use) . Since I could not hear a difference in the first test I made I did not bother....
why not buy one, with return privileges, and listen for yourself ?
Thanks for the info.....I know it will be good as a DVD
player....I have a good DAC for two channel playback.
I would expect a Sony to be a good transport.
I see the new BLU RAY player is actually more of a
true 2 channel CD player (NO SACD etc.) KInd of like that
for use with a DAC. I think the other BLU RAY (that did not
play cd's) has been reliable after the first bugs were worked out. Everyone pays SONY for their services anyway.
(SACD...BLU RAY...TRANSPORTS) I know they are not into the transport thing like in the days gone by....but I had
an ES player just for video and had no problems.
Does the DBP-S300 do anything the DBP-S1 did not? Or better? the price is so much less and its smaller. Is it as good or just the cheaper newer version. I will not be using it for CD's.