New Sony 50

I just purchased and hooked up a Sony 50" SXRD. I love the picture so far using DVD. My installation of HD Direct TV is later today. My only frustration is the black bands on the top and bottom of the picture. I tried several 16:9 DVD's, verified my DVD player (Sony 999ES) is set to 16:9, and confirmed the TV is set to 16:9. The bands are still there. This is using Normal or Full screen mode on the TV. I can strectch using other modes but then the images looked stretched. Does anybody have any idea why I don't have a full screen without stretching the image? Thanks in advance.
If the dvds are 2.35 aspect ratio you will have bars top and bottom. I think all tvs fill just fine for 1.85,(ar)Sorry,that's just the way things are. Look thru your collection and find a movie that says "1.85"; It should fill the screen.