New Sonus Faber Electa Amator 3...anybody heard these yet?

Celebrating Sonus Faber’s thirty five years in business, they have just released the new SF Electa Amator 3! This little stand mount looks like it has some very good basics for a smaller room and system. 
As usual lots of attention to the speakers aesthetic and it looks like to the driver selection as well.
Anybody have a chance to hear these little gems? Could they be the perfect small room speaker system, thoughts?
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Thanks. I’m very close to actually buying a pair. They do have a bit of that old SF magic.

BTW you do truly have one of the best speakers ever made!

What you report makes me really want to hear these. There really aren’t that many superb stand mount speakers available, certainly at or near that price point. 
What gear would you be running the EA3’s with?
I’m running a ARc Ref6 preamplifier with a Sugden Class A power amp. 

Still using the Kuzma TT (let’s just leave it at that 😉) 
Sounds like that would be a great match up with the EA3’s. Not sure if the Sugden has enough juice for the new SF’s, that might be something to discuss with your dealer, if you haven’t already. 
It’s the Masterclass power amp  does 20w pure Class A then goes to 75w in A/B. I took it to the dealers today and it had no problem driving them. I think these speakers will sound great with valves. I think it’s a 1st order cross over like the old SF speakers. Your Jadis would sound sublime with them!